zPerfect Gift…just in time for Father’s Day


The days of lame, problematic gifting, returns, time spent worrying, are over with this new group gifting platform for Father????????s Day.

SALT LAKE CITY — (June 5, 2013) ???????? zPerfect Gift, an online group gifting platform, was created by Jim Birch, both entrepreneur and software developer, with the main goal: to create an unofficial ??????No Tacky Green Sweater Gifts?????? policy, everywhere in the world.

Group gifting, where multiple people contribute towards a gift, makes it effortless for this Utah dad, Jim Birch, to always get the perfect gift for his friends, family, and business associates, every time for any occasion. He used to be the kind of guy that really did buy tacky green sweaters for friends in Florida.

For children and wives, the dilemma comes in many forms. What doesn????????t he have? What does he want? What can????????t he buy? Chances are, they????????re wrong up to 40% of the time. 40% of gifts given throughout the year are returned, and 95% of those are not based on defects, states the Consumer Electronics Association.

They waste their time, money and effort to buy a gift that dad returns, exchanges, or hides. zPerfect Gift enables people to give the perfect gift the first time???????.and save everyone time, money and effort along the way.

With zPerfect Gift, the giver, be it a child or a wife, can contribute as little as $5 towards the gift. As part of the process, they can provide a personal video message that only dad will see.

zPerfect Gift????????s patented approach of letting the gift recipient decide how to redeem the group gift ensures that dad gets exactly what he wants. Dad can pick his perfect gift using the contributions from children, friends and family members by transferring funds onto gift cards of his choice. Imagine a juicy steak dinner and a trip to Home Depot, or a new suit for a decadent lobster dinner; Dad decides, kids get the credit.

Plus, zPerfect Gift is the first gifting service to allow contributors to send a private video message as part of their gift. This captures the moment and emotion of event long after the gift has been forgotten. In a sense, this then becomes a video scrapbook so dad will always be able to relive the memory.

And to make this even better, zPerfect Gift is a completely free service so 100% of the contributions go towards dad????????s gift. There is absolutely no cost to contribute or redeem a gift whereas other gifting firms can charge up to 20% in some cases when all the fees are included.

About zPerfect Gift
zPerfect Gift is the leading social group gifting service, where users can crowd fund gifts and provide private video messages. Founded in 2011 and based in Draper, Utah, zPerfect Gift has 5 pending patents on its advanced capabilities. More than 15 top brands are offered by zPerfect Gift, allowing gift recipients the personalized flexibility of choosing their redemption method. zPerfect Gift also highlights upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other gifting opportunities from a user????????s social networks. And zPerfect Gift is the first online gifting company to allow contributors to include a private video message, creating an even more personal and lasting connection. Start a gift today at www.zPerfectGift.com.

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