SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — (January 8, 2014) – zPerfect Gift, a free online gifting service, is changing fundraising forever.  No longer will families be forced to buy overpriced wrapping paper, chocolate bars, or pizza kits again.  zPerfect Gift’s fundraiser is free, does not require any purchase and there is no obligation. 
“We’re parents and we hate fundraisers.  We know we’ll be the ones to buy the unsold candy bars or have to corner office colleagues for them to sign up in buying wrapping paper,” according to Jim Birch, CEO of zPerfect Gift.  “So, we created this free fundraiser with no purchase required or obligation.  As an added bonus, now fundraisers can be global and not limited to a neighborhood or school district so the potential impact to a program is huge.”
Instead of spending money to acquire new users via Google, Facebook or Yahoo, zPerfect Gift is channeling those funds into this fundraiser.  Here’s how it works.  A participating booster club, charity, non-profit or school is assigned a unique code.  Whenever anyone in the US registers with zPerfect Gift and enters that code, then $1 is given to the registered booster club, charity, non-profit or school.  If that person then starts a gift which grows to $100 or more, then another $1 is given.  For the first time ever, a fundraiser can provide upfront and residual streams resulting in significantly more money for the booster club, charity, non-profit or school. 
Here’s an example.  If a booster club registers and 100 of its members participate, then $100 is contributed to the booster club.  Now, if those 100 participants go out and invite their friends/family and 5% of those invitees join, then another $1250 is contributed to the booster club.  And if those 1250 people do the same (invite their friends/family) and if 3% join, then $9375 is contributed to the booster club for a grand total of $10,725.  The more levels or viral activity and the upfront contributions really add up.  This doesn’t even take into account the residual contributions from gifts too!  And again, there is no cost or anything to buy in order for zPerfect Gift to make these contributions.  More information is available at www.zperfectgift.com/fr
About zPerfect Gift
zPerfect Gift’s innovative gifting platform, individuals can contribute as little as $5 towards a gift and invite others via Facebook message, email, text, or even wall posts.  zPerfect Gift collects all of the contributions and personal messages.  The recipient is then able to transfer the funds onto gift cards of his/her choice in buying exactly what they want.  zPerfect Gift’s patented system of letting the gift recipient decide how to redeem the gift ensures that they get exactly what they want, making it the perfect gift every time.  And to make this even better, zPerfect Gift is a completely free service so there is absolutely no cost to contribute or redeem a gift whereas other gifting firms can charge up to 20% in some cases when all the fees are included.  Founded in 2011 and based in Draper, Utah, zPerfect Gift has 5 pending patents on its advanced capabilities.  More than 17 top brands are offered by zPerfect Gift, allowing gift recipients the personalized flexibility of choosing their redemption method.  zPerfect Gift also highlights upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other gifting opportunities from a user’s social networks.   Start a gift today at www.zPerfectGift.com.
About Jim Birch
Jim has 25 years of high-tech experience of developing emerging technologies and markets.  His background covers extensive marketing/business development and licensing/tech transfer in more than 30 countries.  He has been a world-leader in intellectual property, having helped firms acquire more than $200MM worth of patents covering a wide range of technologies.  He was an early pioneer of targeted TV advertising and worked extensively with Fox, NBC, and Disney-ABC in developing this market.  While at Sarnoff, Jim led licensing and tech transfer activities to many of the Global 250.  Earlier at PixelVision, Jim directed the international operations for this flat-panel display start-up, which was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in the US. Jim was also selected as Massachusetts’ SBA finalist for “Exporter of the Year”.  Jim has one issued patent and is an inventor or co-inventor on another 10 pending patents.  Jim has a BA in Marketing from The University of Utah and an MBA in Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin.
Media Contact: Jim Birch
801.970.3228   |   [email protected]


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