Young Automotive Donates to Help Fight Children’s Cancer

Just like any other five year old, Ryker Bennett loves to run, find new and interesting things, and do all that he can to enjoy life. So what makes Ryker different from other five year olds? At 4 months old, he had his first MRI. The diagnosis of neurofibromatosis, or NF1 came shortly after that. 

In his short span of life, Ryker has had numerous surgeries, primaryly to reduce the tumor, a plexiform neurofibroma, growing externally on his face. He has also been diagnosed with 2 optic gliomas that has since put him through twelve months of chemotherpy to reduce the tumors. Despite all this, and the clinical trial of weekly chemotherphy treamtents to shrink his plexiform tumor, he is doing well. In his parents words, he is their superhero.

To help raise funds to fight NF and support those children who are currently battling it, an unusual event has begun. The Cupid's Undie Run brings runners of all kinds to not just run, but run in their undies. In her effort to continue supporting Ryker and fighting for this cause, she is running in the Undie Run in Boise, Idaho on Saturday February 14, 2015. Not only is she doing this and asking individuals to help raise funds, but she also worked with the Young Automotive Mall in Logan to donate funds. Their donation of $1,000 not only means a lot to Sarah and Ryker, but the 1 in 3,000 children who are born with NF.


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