Yogi Bear didn’t Think So. . .(breaking out of bad debt)

Mark????????s Column ~ 2/2/2012

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a great week????. Let us all take a look at the financial events that are taking place within the boundaries of the United States, and some of the political action transpiring. Go here for extreme details ~ (have a nice trip????)


Anybody need a little Yogi Bear? Guess what. . .it would be a good idea to lighten up prior to reading the following material. Take time to hook into the links posted. I????????ll take time to hook you up to this link prior to moving too far forward. Get your coffee and get ready. . .click on the link and watch all the way through. Please feel free to forward all my newsletters (and post on other threads) to everyone you know of that may benefit from the material provided.


Okay, let us get back into the spirit of the equity markets. I????????m going to tell you something right now, folks ~ these markets are being artificially elevated by taxpayer money. Somebody feel free to let me know how your returns are coming for paying for those you voted into office and the decisions made by Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke. One thing that is amazing me is that people all over the world are beginning to stand up against what is termed, ??????Quantitative Easing?????? programs that have been driving countries into huge debt situations. Guess what, these people in office right now are borrowing your money in order to print more money to pay off the debt which was made by those in office. Anybody see this number going backwards? . . .


We????????re going to talk about this in just one moment. For now, take a few sips off of your coffee and enjoy a few moments of space to yourself. If you don????????t drink coffee, feel free to drink anything else (by the way, I don????????t drink coffee). . .

John Denver ~ Looking for Space. . .


I was speaking to a good friend yesterday who is studying to become a writer. We were discussing some of the events taking place in the world. I was informing him that the dollar is going to changed this year into a coin. I work with him in silver. I use the exotic rare coins, not the bars. We were discussing how they would value these new coins that are going to replace the dollar. And believe me, it is coming. This is another one of these ??????Black Swan?????? events. There is a great deal of concern coming out of the EU and the UK. Those who read my column already know about Greece, Portugal, Italy, Iceland and Spain. Things are even bad in Austria. Let me tell you something, folks. We here in the United States are not in good shape. Look at the debt clock one more time ~ http://www.usdebtclock.org/

Now, if you go back to my blogging thread you will see that Barack Obama is not a ??????Natural Born Citizen?????? of the United States of America.


Somehow, the Oligarchs of the world had him put into office as a ??????pawn,?????? is what I like to say. They are the same people who assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy for speaking the ??????truth?????? on matters back in the early 1960????????s. As all one needs to do is look at the introductory box on my thread and they will see that evidence. Kennedy wanted to move to a silver standard for the dollar. Now there is postulation that there will be a ??????coin?????? that is going to replace the dollar and other currencies around the world. That is termed a ??????New World Order?????? mechanism that the likes of the Bilderberg Group are geared towards. I doubt they will overtake the riots by the masses of people throughout the world. It appears, the masses have had enough of their castles and extravagant lifestyles while leaving the others behind. I believe we are going to see a significant change in governmental structure.

Let????????s take a break and listen to another song. Life is too short to worry about these yo-yo????????s we have in office. They are no different than you or I, and their education is no higher than anyone else that went through quality Universities. Come on Barack Obama, let????????s have a debate at Utah State. You are nothing but a showboater and you learned that by living in Chicago. You apparently didn????????t learn much of anything else while studying in college.

Here comes the song. . .(Just skip the adds. Youtube is beginning to turn into a joke.) ~

Dobie Gray, Drift Away. . .

Highlighting everything that has been posed in this article:

1: It is more than likely that the dollar will come to an end this year (the paper version).
2: The Federal Deficit and Ben Bernanke????????s policy have taken our deficit to extremes never seen before. Let????????s put it this way, that guy called some very bad balls while on the field.
3: Barack Obama is going to be replaced. Hillary Clinton is not the person for the job. Newt Gingrich is much better than Hillary. Mitt Romney is the man we need right now.

I have an ??????Oh by the way!?????? moment. Michele Bachmann is running for congress in Minnesota. I????????m not sure how many of you are in that vicinity, but please support Michele. She is a fantastic person with high values. I????????m glad she didn????????t make it in the campaign for presidency. The idiots in the mass media would rather tear people apart, than build them up. I????????d rather tear up the mass media, than the good people.

Peace be with you all. . .always, and in all ways ~

Mark A. Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Representative
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine Universities


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