yieldWerx Enables Azoteq to Achieve up to 98% Yield, and Ramp Products to Market Faster

yieldWerx Enables Azoteq to Achieve up to 98% YieldDALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–yieldWerx, a leading provider of yield management semiconductor solutions, has deployed yieldWerx at Azoteq (Pty) Ltd to streamline test and yield management processes, enabling Azoteq to achieve up to 98% yield, and ramp products to market faster.

Azoteq processes around 20,000 dies per day, and is generating new test data of around 1GB in volume, of significant yield dependencies. This data is coming from several test houses, foundries, and assembly and test sites. yieldWerx’s powerful reporting and analysis capabilities helped Azoteq achieve their goal of yielding 95% at wafer sort stage and 98% at the final test stage. This leads to shorter time to entitled yields across the production cycle, optimizing usage of valuable test time, enhancing equipment throughput and giving instant insight into their fragmented global supply chain. This resulted in financial savings, as well as enhancing Azoteq’s competitive advantage in the market due to an increased focus on quality and reliability of the products being shipped out of Azoteq facilities.

“yieldWerx is playing an important part in helping us achieve up to 98% yield at final test. We use it daily at Azoteq and apart from data analysis it helps us in identifying systematic equipment issues as well; one device was hitting low current and we marked it as failed die but yieldWerx helped us in identifying that the issue is with the tester and not the die,” said Dr. Mladen Božanić, Senior IC Design Engineer at Azoteq.

“yieldWerx was selected after a careful selection process, and now enables Azoteq to undertake detailed analytics. We are really happy to see that around 10-15 Azoteq engineers use yieldWerx every day to perform yield analysis. The real-time data management capabilities of yieldWerx has helped them in improving the engineering productivity at the same time,” added Omar Malik, CEO of yieldWerx.

About yieldWerx

yieldWerx provides the semiconductor industry with enterprise wide test and engineering data management solutions that increase yield and reduce time to market. yieldWerx enables product and test engineers to gain better visibility of their test data, which is essential for intelligent decision-making, directly impacting yield and profitability. yieldWerx Enterprise has hundreds of users at semiconductor companies across the world to improve productivity, reduce defects, and improve device yields. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company maintains sales and support operations worldwide. For more information, visit www.yieldwerx.com.

About Azoteq

Azoteq (Pty) Ltd is a leader in capacitive proximity and touch solutions for switches, sliders, scroll wheels and track pads in consumer and industrial applications. Capacitive proximity and touch applications include: SAR detection for tablets, miniature touchpads for remote controls, the user interface and wear detect in wearables, sensors for the IoT and keys/sliders/scroll wheels for appliances. For more information, visit www.azoteq.com.


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