Yi Sushi Bistro in Midvale

I am not sure how many of you like sushi, but that has become one of my favorite things to eat. It can be a light snack, or with a combination of sushi selections, it can be a nice meal. I had lunch with a friend the other day in Salt Lake City and he suggested that we go to Yi Sushi Bistro. I am always game to try new places, so this was a great suggestion.

While I waited, I noticed that there was a steady stream of people arriving for lunch which is usually a good sign. When we sat down at the table, the next surprise was in the menu. There was a huge selection of sushi that was half-price (In fact, I think all of the sushi was half-price.) There was one page with about 20 choices that was just $2 per roll. Other rolls were a little more expensive, but still half-price.

I tried a Honolulu Roll, hamachi and spicy tuna roll. All three were very good and tasted fresh. There was no rush to leave and the servers were pleasant, but not overbearing. What I saw of the restaurant was clean and up-to-date ??????? a place that I could visit again.

If you want to try Yi Sushi Bistro, it is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. all week long. It is located at 6957 South State Street in Midvale, Utah.


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