Yampa River Clean-Up Scheduled For Saturday, July 7

Roughly 55 Mile Long River-Wide Effort Engages Volunteers from Steamboat Springs to Craig
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO-July 3, 2017-The Friends of the Yampa, City of Steamboat
Springs, Yampatika, Yampa River State Park and the Northwest Colorado Chapter of the Parrotheads
are organizing the annual river clean-up event on Saturday, July 7, 2018.
This event is an annual “river-wide” clean-up effort that spans roughly 55 miles from Steamboat Springs
to Craig and engages volunteers to give back to the Yampa River and to remind us all to respect the
Yampa by keeping it clean and trash free.
There will be three locations for participants to volunteer this year, one in Steamboat Springs, one at
the Yampa River State Park near Hayden, and one in Craig, Colorado.
The Steamboat Springs event takes place from 9 AM to 12 PM, meeting at the Little Toots Park
on 12th Street in downtown Steamboat Springs. After arrival, volunteers will be matched with a
location that they can either walk, bike or drive to, and may be matched with others. Wear adequate
footwear for walking along the riverbank, bring gloves, and other clothes that match the
weather. Expect mosquitoes, so long sleeve shirts and bug spray is suggested. Trash bags will be
provided. A post clean-up pizza party will occur at Little Toots Park starting at noon sponsored by
Soda Creek Pizza with beer support from Storm Peak Brewery. Call or email Kent Vertrees, 970-
846-7933 or kent for more information. Otherwise, just show up, spread
the word and bring all your friends.
The Yampa River State Park clean-up will start at 9 AM at the main Yampa River State Park office
downstream of Hayden, CO (6185 US-40, Hayden, CO 81639). Due to low water this year, the
Hayden clean up will occur at the access point along the Yampa River State Park. Please contact
Jacob Brey if you are interested in participating 970-276-2062.
The Craig based clean-up will also be land based this season due to low flows with no floating
taking place. Please contact David Morris (970-629-5417) ahead of time if you are planning on
joining this group. Meet at Pebble Beach behind the Craig golf course. The clean-up will take place
from 10 AM to 1 PM. A post clean-up BBQ will be organized for afterward. Call David and the NW
Colorado Chapter of the Parrotheads for more details.
Along with municipal partners like the City of Steamboat Springs and the City of Craig, Soda Creek
Pizza is helping the Steamboat Springs based effort as a food sponsor and Storm Peak Brewery is
supporting the post party drinks.
Steamboat Springs Organizers:
Kent Vertrees, Friends of the Yampa, 970-846-7933
Emily Hines, City of Steamboat Springs: 970-871-7031
Hayden Organizer: Jacob Brey, Yampa River State Park, 970-276-2062
Craig Organizer: David Morris, Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrotheads, 970-629-5417

Yampa River Clean-up Events

WHO: Friends of the Yampa, City of Steamboat Springs, Yampatika, Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrotheads, Yampa River State Park & volunteer citizens
WHAT: Annual River Wide Clean-Up On The Yampa River
WHEN: Saturday, July 7, 2018, 9 AM to 12 PM
WHERE: Steamboat Springs, Hayden (Yampa River State Park) and Craig, Colorado.
Interviews and photo opportunities available with Friends of the Yampa, City of Steamboat Springs, Yampatika,
NCCPH, Yampa River State Park
“River clean-ups are a great way to give back to our communities, to instill ownership in our natural
resources and to do something good. We applaud everyone who makes this river wide clean-up effort
a reality, our partners, the volunteers and organizations that support this now annual event. This is
the 4th year we have organized a river-wide clean-up event and we are encouraged by how it
continues to grow.” Kent Vertrees, President of Friends of the Yampa.
"River clean-ups are an easy way for us to give back to the environment. The Yampa River is such a
treasure for us in Northwest Colorado and not all humans pick up after themselves. Areas like
Pebble Beach on the Yampa see people drive in and leave trash. I don’t understand why people
leave trash, throw cigarettes on the ground, and just flat out disrespect the river environment. Not all
of us are good stewards, so we at the Parrotheads, and groups like Friends of the Yampa and Yampa
River State Parks organize these clean-ups and just do what’s right." David Morris, NW CO Chapter
of Parrotheads
“This year, the clean-up will be a bit different for us in Hayden as we can’t float the river anymore due
to low flows. We will be sending our volunteers to different access points along the river and will look
to clean all these areas. This event has been something we annually look forward to as it helps unite
our communities along the Yampa River.” Jacob Brey, the Yampa River State Park Manager
“Education is one way Yampatika Naturalists inspire environmental stewardship in the community.
Staff are passionate about connecting people to nature through interactive activities exploring the
local environment and discovering other people’s interests. Service in the community is another way
for all of us to give back and care for this amazing Valley! We look forward to seeing people out at the
Yampa River Clean-Up on Saturday!” Kellie Gorman, Program Director for Yampatika
About Friends of the Yampa: Friends of the Yampa is a river advocacy group and movement based on one
common passion, a shared love for the Yampa River. Our mission is to protect and enhance the river’s
environmental and recreational integrity through stewardship, advocacy, education and partnerships.
Established in 1981, we have a long standing history of working for the river by organizing clean-ups, holding
discussions about the Yampa’s important and rare attributes, funding and helping build river features/habitats
as well as participating in a variety of local, regional and national policy efforts and campaigns.
About the Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrotheads (NCCPH): The NCCPH are a group dedicated to
cleaning and maintain the environment, especially waterways like the Yampa River. Also, this group works to
supply music to local schools in the form of scholarships and instruments.
About the Yampa River State Park: The Yampa River State Park is really 3 parks in one, including the
headquarters of the park near Hayden with 50 camp and RV sites; a 134 mile stretch of the Yampa River
downstream of Steamboat Springs where the State Park manages river access points for float boating;
Elkhead Reservoir is the third component of the Park which is managed for all sorts of recreational


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