WyCo Museum to Host Historical Book Release

The Wyandotte County Museum will host a book signing event at 2 p.m. Sunday, July 8 to promote the release of the second volume of “A Historical Overview of Wyandotte County.” The Wyandotte County Museum is located at 631 N. 126th St., in Wyandotte County Park, Bonner Springs.

The second volume of the Historical Overview of Wyandotte County will include supplemental sections for the past three publications: This is the newest publication in this impressive 25-year mission/project. One purpose for this volume was to supplement the prior publications in the project.

The Consolidated Ethnic History of Wyandotte County
The Historic Communities of Wyandotte County
Historical Overview of Wyandotte County and Its Historic Sites Volume I

Loren L. Taylor, a Wyandotte County lawyer who edited and produced the book, said that much of the material in this volume concerns exciting events that have had little or no coverage. Taylor is also the historian for the Wyandotte County Historical Society and also editor of The Wyandotte County Historical Journal.

Taylor said the book includes items such as the political impact of the Ku Klux Klan, the assassination of a developer for the Union Pacific Railroad who was killed on Minnesota Avenue and details of the movement of the Wyandot Nation Indian tribe from Upper Sandusky, Ohio, to Wyandott City.

Early day community leaders such as Vincent J. Lane are profiled. Lane was an early day postmaster and newspaper editor. He was also an influential political leader and the founder of the Wyandotte County Historical Society.

Another leader was Frank H. Betton who owned a saw mill in the Pomeroy community. Betton also helped buy bonds that financed the schoolhouse in Pomeroy. He also served as Commissioner of Labor for Kansas Gov. John A. Martin.

Items concerning the employees of the North American Aviation plant in the Fairfax Industrial District during World War II and the Korean conflict are included. Dr. Dan Desko tells of the B-25 bomber aircraft and the personnel who built and tested the aircraft.

An early day history of the law and the legal system are also included.

There are hundreds of other topics including the history of education by Patricia Adams, a retired Kansas City, Kansas, School District employee, and the influence of German immigrants on business, politics and civic activities.

Other books that Taylor edited and produced include The Consolidated Ethnic History of Wyandotte County, The Historic Communities of Wyandotte County andA Historical Overview of Wyandotte County and Its Historic Sites.

For information on this project please feel free to call 913-321-6195.


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