Wyandotte County Household Income

On another topic of interest, we learned that Wyandotte County’s median household income rose 3.2% from 2015-2016 via the American Community Survey by the US Census Bureau. That moves our median household income to $43,129 from $41,800. This is lower than what I had hoped but double that of the metro increase of 1.5% and Kansas’ increase of 1.9%.  We are working with Jeff Pinkerton at MARC to review the other peer county information from across the metro and will share with you that information soon. He thought we should be thrilled that our growth was double that of the metro, the highest increase in the metro, and based on historical information, the first time there had been back to back increases.
At this afternoon’s Workforce Solutions Committee (3:30 p.m. for those interested), we will be proposing additional metrics by which we can continue to move the needle around raising the median household income in the county largely through removing barriers to employment, improving educational attainment, and aligning talent with the needs of the business community.
Thank you all for what you do for us and throughout the metro. And many thanks to our partners who are going down this largely uncharted path together with us.

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