Woven Carpet and Rug Market Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Analysis and Forecast Report 2022

The global woven carpet and rug market is expected to display very high growth in forthcoming years. The woven carpet and rug market stands up at high growth-levels because of redecoration activities that have been taken up on an increasing scale with consumer fascination for interior decoration, rising disposable incomes and current industrialization levels on a permanent high. Furthermore interior decoration at residential places has taken growth to further heights in emerging regions such as Asia Pacific and MEA.

The tufted segment is expected to show immense growth in forecast period because residential premises have shown an inclination towards adoption of tufted carpets and rugs. The driving factors for woven carpets and rugs are the aesthetic appeal rendered by carpets, reduction in noise levels and indoor air circulation of high quality.

Recycled fiber is the material of choice in construction of carpets and rugs thanks to technological advancements that have made interior decoration a high-priority engagement. Devoid of pricing issues and manufacturing loopholes, recycled market in carpets and rugs holds a lot of sway in markets. The construction industry is being seen as a rapidly growing market imparting deep thrust to markets.

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The polypropylene and polyester markets are used to manufacture carpets and rugs. The polyester and polypropylene rugs are suitable for manufacturing carpets and rugs and this is attributed to the versatile designs that are on offer, resistance to stain and abrasion coming in handy and withstand carpet walk-ins. Polypropylene is lower priced and repels sunlight fading and bleaches that do not make a ripple on the carpet.

North America is expected to dominate market growth in woven carpet and rugs market but may lag behind global average. U.S accounted for maximum growth in carpet and rugs market because of mushrooming housing activities in the region. North America is leading growth aspects with product innovation and quality and development foresights.

Segmentation of woven carpet and rug industry by type includes tufted, woven, needle-punched, knotted. Segmentation of woven carpet and rug market by material includes nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Segmentation of woven carpet and rugs market by end-user includes residential, non-residential, automotive and transportation. By geographical regions, segmentation includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA and Latin America. The key players in woven carpet and rug market includes Mohawk Industries, Inc., Shaw Industries, Lowe Companies, Taekett SA, Home Depot, Interface, Inc., Dixie group, Inc., and Victoria PLC.

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