Work Ahead for North Hale Avenue

Summer heat leads to heaving, warping 
The summer heat is adding some pressure to Peoria roads and North Hale Avenue is no exception. A portion of the pavement in the northbound lane of Hale between Pioneer Parkway and Detweiller Drive buckled in June and was leveled off and temporarily patched. 

Beginning today, Monday, July 6, Public Works crews will return to the site to remove the damaged stretch of the road and replace it with a concrete mix. Traffic signs, cones and detours will be in place to direct drivers through the area and motorists should exercise caution. 
Why it Matters 
City engineers reviewed the project and deemed the repair essential as the road connects to a main thoroughfare and the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) for North Hale Avenue is 4,850 vehicles. That data is according to 2017 findings from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). 

About Road Heaves
While road heaving and buckling may be alarming for motorists, the issue is common in warm weather states. Hot temperatures can cause concrete to expand beyond its joints – causing roads to stretch and warp at compromised joints or weak spots. 
Motorists who discover heaving and buckling on Peoria roads should report the damages to Public Works utilizing the Peoria Cares u Report system. More information about the program can be found at: ureport.peoriagov.org/crm/tickets.