Womxn of SDOT: Meet Annya Pintak

March has been Womxn’s History Month since 1981. Yes, womxn, we get to share 31 glorious days with the likes of National Grammar Day and St. Patty’s Day.

Celebrating the lives of womxn past and present while acknowledging barriers is so important. Even more important is looking at womxn’s history through an intersectional lens – that means centering race, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, and sexuality. Being a womxn is not one experience.

We’re using this month to tell the stories of some of our powerful womxn at SDOT.

First, we sat down with Annya Pintak – Program Lead for Low-Income Access to Transit in SDOT’s Transit & Mobility Division.

Annya Pintak teaching Lake City community members about Regional Reduced Fair Permits. Photo courtesy of Stanley Tsao at Department of Neighborhoods.

Born in Indonesia, Annya has lived across the globe – from Cairo, Egypt to Vancouver, BC. Her excitement for the world is obvious, and her commitment to making sure everyone else can enjoy it alongside her is even more so.

Team Work Social Work makes the dream work.

Annya has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. She brings her previous experience in social services and the nonprofit sector to her work here at SDOT. During her time working for Global to Local, she managed a program that helped south King County residents navigate the then newly established Affordable Care Act and was also involved in Orca LIFT card distribution.

“I attribute a lot of my learning about community organizing and community engagement from South King County (while at Global to Local) – I have a very special spot for Seatac and Tukwila.”

At SDOT, Annya works on 3 ongoing projects:

  1. Transportation Equity Workgroup. Annya coordinates this group of community members who provide input on our transportation equity agenda and goals.
  2. Regional Reduced Fair Permit (RRFP) Pilot Program. RRFP is an ORCA card that is discounted for seniors 65+ in Seattle and persons with disabilities. Annya created a pilot to help people sign up for the reduced-fare cards, increase education about the service, and learn about barriers to transit that this community faces.
  3. Youth Ambassador Program. Annya works with youth of color in projects related to transit.

Outside of SDOT, you can find her directing, producing, & performing.

Annya co-founded and co-runs a dance production company, called Simone Pin Productions, committed to the storytelling of narratives by and for womxn of color.

Simone Pin Productions fall show, photo courtesy of Marcia Davis.

“When I’m not at SDOT, I’m usually at rehearsal, and I am constantly inspired by the strong womxn of color artists that I have in my life.”

She takes lessons from her two worlds and blends them into one another, letting her work in the community inform her storytelling through dance, and her experiences as a womxn of color influence her equity work in transit.

Thanks for all your work here & out in the community, Annya. We’re thankful you’re on a mission with us.

Stay tuned to learn about other powerful SDOT womxn in our Womxn’s History Month series!