Will The Dollar Drop To the Value Of An Indian Rupee?

Will the dollar????????s value drop to that of an Indian Rupee? August 29, 2011 I wrote the following in an Email to a friend: “I looked at this little chart below showing how many units of a currency it costs to buy 1 ounce of silver:

Currency Units/Oz of Silver
U.S. Dollar 40.78
Australian Dollar 38.36
Brazillian Real 64.94
British Pound 24.78
Canadian Dollar 40.01
Chinese Yuan 260.04
Euro 28.07
Hong Kong Dollar 317.88
Indian Rupee 1,874.13
Japanese Yen 3,136.39
Mexican Peso 504.71
Russian Ruble 1,173.22
S. African Rand 286.68
Swiss Franc 33.45

With the deficit spending, monetary inflation used to buy treasury debt, huge debts that will be paid off in dollars, massive foreign exchange deficits, trillions of dollars in the hands of sovereign wealth funds and central banks, and massive increases in government spending coming because of continued wars, Obama care, and retiring boomers, I can????????t help but wonder how long it will be before the Federal Reserve Note????????s value drops to the value of the Ruble, the Rupee, or even the Yen.

When considering the ongoing deficit spending insanity of our country, it????????s easy to imagine a day when it costs hundreds or even thousands of U.S. Dollars to buy an ounce of silver. We????????re already there when it comes to gold. At the end of the 19th century it cost about $20 to buy an ounce of gold. Recently we????????ve seen the price of gold nearly as high as $1,900 per ounce. There are predictions that gold will go to $10,000 per ounce in the years ahead. In our lifetimes we may see the price of silver rise to unimagined prices because of monetary inflation as we remain on the same crazy course of deficit spending we are on today. Similar things have happened to other currencies as nations have embraced reckless spending policies financed by monetary inflation. With our current criminal government working in cahoots with the banksters at the Federal Reserve this is a real possibility.

Gasoline has hit $5 per gallon in one market back East already. However, two pre-1965 silver dimes will still buy a gallon of gas. What’s driving the price increase? Primarily the debasement of our currency. Secondarily our government’s unwillingness to allow U.S. energy companies to develop our energy resources. Plan to see all commodities climb steadily upwards in dollar based pricing as the currency is continually debased. Honest money, such as pre-1965 “junk silver” coins, will still hold its value.(related articles of interest: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Logan&st=Utah&article_id=956&t=The_Truth_About_Oil_Prices_And_Why_Theyre_Going_Up,_Up,_Up and https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Logan&st=Utah&article_id=932&t=Hot_Air_Supports_Wind-power_Farms,_Not_Research.)

It????????s good to have some inflation insurance in the form of gold and/or silver.


Investing in stocks and precious metals is risky and could result in losing money. I am offering ideas for your consideration and education. I am not offering financial advice. Please do your own due diligence. I am not an investment adviser. Precious metals are not for everyone. I sell precious metals through American Gold Reserve. You should do your own due diligence when making investment decisions of any kind. You should consult your own financial advisers before making any investment decision. I make no guarantees that by following any advice or suggestion I might make that you will realize any return. Beware, all commodity markets and other markets carry risk of loss.


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