Wildfire in the Financial Markets

Hello to all my friends and family in this region,

I wish to tell you a story about a fantastic person I met with last night. It’s kind of funny because she was advisor at Utah State. Anyway. . .enjoy this song first. . .


Janet and myself discussed a few things as we move into the future. I will lay the facts on the line, I do not perceive things getting better anytime soon. We went on discussing graduate schools where I could get my PhD. I’ve made my decision.

Listen everyone, the reason I am going to get my PhD. is to resolve the financial crisis of the world. Anyone that has been following me on Investor’s Hub, should realize that. I will now longer be publishing further information on Investors Hub. It will now be here. I have all the information I need for my dissertation to whatever University I select. And as always, to protect myself from the bozos that try and take away “Freedom of Speech”.

We are moving into an economy that is a total disaster. Why I’m so passionate about this is I would like to inform others of how to protect themselves. You will not be getting rich in this economy, just save what you have.

I try and keep in contact with brilliant minds. Those minds know they can contact me @ [email protected] I am giving you all fair warning right now that things are turning south, fast. What I am referring to is the United States economy. Barack Obama has been a total failure for this nation. Let’s get it together here, protect yourselves.

As a graduate from three major academic institutions, I will not let you down. And guess what? It’s totally free. Take the advice, or leave it. That’s all I can say.

Peace be with you all, always. . .and in all ways. And feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mark A. Mayr


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