Why You Want Engineer Certified Sheds in Cache Valley

What Is An Engineer Certified Shed?

An engineer certified shed is, simply put, a shed that’s got engineer certification. Okay, obviously, but what does that mean? Engineer certification is a requirement for some building permits. The engineer certification means the design has been tested by licensed engineers to withstand certain wind speeds, weight from snow, and general stress caused by usage. Most buildings require engineer certification before a permit can be acquired, but in many places around the US, sheds are an exception to this. That’s why you find so many places where you can buy cheap, pre-constructed sheds without engineer certification.

Isn’t That Dangerous?

Not always. Sheds are small enough and primarily used for storage, so the danger to people is relatively limited. A lack of engineer certification, however, means you don’t know what kind of stress the building can stand up to. How much wind will it take to knock it over? How much snow will collapse the roof? Can its flooring with stand enough weight to hold all of your storage without bowing or buckling? Without engineer certification, you have no idea what the answers to these questions are. Maybe it will be enough, maybe not.

Cache Valley Weather

Cache Valley is prone to some pretty extreme weather at times. Just last year, a crazy wind storm that knocked out power in several cities for days.  It knocked over trees and damaged buildings. We also get unpredictable snow storms. The amount of snow we get at one time is usually small, but very occasionally, one might bury us in a several feet overnight. These kinds of weather events can seriously damage a shed.

engineer certified shed with a porch

Do I Need An Engineer Certified Shed in Cache Valley?

So, does that mean you need one? According to Cache Valley Sheds, a company that provides engineer certified sheds to Cache Valley residents, engineer certification isn’t a requirement, but it gives you peace of mind. The advantage of an engineer certified shed is that you can see the plans of the building, and what they’ve been tested for. You know exactly how much snow the roof can handle, and exactly how much wind it will stand up to.  If the shed doesn’t have enough reinforcement protect it from extreme weather in your area, you know up front. You can add extra reinforcements, such as anchors, reinforced floor, or additional roof support, or you can buy a sturdier shed.  You won’t be blind-sided by your shed falling apart after a blast of wind comes out of Logan Canyon.

How Do You Know It’s Engineer Certified?

How do you know if the shed you’re buying is engineer certified?  Honestly, that’s probably the simplest part.  Ask the person or company selling it.  If they don’t know what you mean by the question, the answer is obviously no.  If they tell you it’s not, again, the answer is no.  If they say it is, they should be able to provide you with documentation and explain what the shed is certified for.  It’s even possible to get the shed’s floor plan.  Someone selling an engineer certified shed should be able to tell you what the shed is tested for, or have the information written down somewhere.  If you want to know, all you have to do is ask.

Peace of Mind

The main advantage of engineer certification is peace of mind. Knowing exactly what a building can stand up to lets you rest easy knowing you’re covered against most weather problems that might damage it. Without certification, you just don’t know for sure. It allows you to make better choices about purchasing a shed, where to set it up, how to make the best usage for it. If you want to be sure your shed is going to last, then you want it engineer certified.  Make sure you find out!