Why You Should Winterize Your Car Before Winter

Winterizing Your Car

time to winterize your car
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel

Winter is on its way and that means your car needs to be winterized. Winterizing your car is a process of preparing your car to handle the cold and other hazards that winter brings to driving. According to SE Performance, a mechanic in Cache Valley, there are a number of things you should do to winterize your vehicle. They include checking your brakes, your lights, your fluids, among other things.

Why am I talking about this now, you ask? After all, winter is months away. What’s the rush? Well, hypothetical you, there are several reasons why you should start winterizing your car before winter comes.

1. It Takes Time

All of these inspections take time to get done. Maybe you can do some of them yourself, but if you’re not motor savvy – I know I’m not – then you’ll need to get help from a mechanic. You won’t be the only one either. If you put off winterizing your car until the last minute, you may just find you aren’t the only one to do that, either. The last thing you need is to find mechanics all booked up, forcing you to push back your appointment for a couple of weeks into winter. After all . . .

2. Once Winter Comes, The Damage Is Done

Once winter comes, it starts doing its damage immediately. If you didn’t prep your fluids, they might get water in the and freeze. If you didn’t fix any cracks in your windshield, water might have already got into those cracks, making it worse. If you didn’t check your brakes and they go bad while you’re driving, then you’re already in danger.

If you wait to winterize your car until winter is already here, you’re putting your car (and your life) at risk.

3. You Might Need Replacement Parts

Regular maintenance is good for finding problems before they go bad. Winterizing your car will cover several routine maintenance issues. While the mechanic is helping prep your car for the winter, he may just find problems that need fixing. Perhaps a part is about to go bad. If the mechanic doesn’t have the part in the shop right then, he’ll need to order it and that can take a few weeks. I’ve had replacement parts take a whole month to arrive before. If you didn’t start winterizing your car until just a week before winter and it turns you a part needs to be ordered for replacement, it’ll be a week or two into winter before your car is ready for the winter road conditions. You either have to avoid driving, or risk your safety driving with parts that could go bad at any moment. Neither is a good choice to be in.

4. You Never Know When It Comes

The last few winters in Cache Valley have had very little sign of the cold before it hit. Fall might be cooler than summer – and thank goodness for that! – but when winter comes, it can come all at once. Last year, I remember it being fairly warm until less than a week before the temperatures plummeted and the snow started to fall. If you put off winterizing your vehicle until it looks like winter is about to happen, you might suddenly find that winter has already happened and your car isn’t ready.

Don’t Put It Off

You need to winterize your car if you want to be safe on the road. Cache Valley winters can be quite dramatic. If this winter follows the recent pattern, we’re going to see sudden cold snaps and snow fall, followed by months of stable temperatures, but with at least one point in the middle when we get hit with a big storm. Once that all starts, it’ll be too late to avoid some of the damage winter does to cars. You want to make sure you get it all done well in advance. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’re ready for whatever the season brings.