Why Tuning Is The Best Performance Upgrade

Why Do You Drive A Car?

If you live in the US, you pretty much need to have a car in modern society. Everything about city layout in the US is built around having one. That doesn’t stop people from having different reasons for getting one. Some people have cars just to get from point A to point B. Others, however, like the experience of driving by itself. For the latter type, how well a car handles is an important point. SE Performance specializes in helping people get the best performance out of cars and they get a lot of questions about upgrades. What are the best mod upgrades to consider? The answer they give might surprise you a bit: no mods at all. Rather, they suggest tuning your car first. Why? Let’s look into it.

What is Tuning?

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Tuning a car is basically just altering the performance of a vehicle to meet the driver’s specific needs. With minor tweaks to the car, you can improve performance in the basic elements of handling: acceleration, turning, deceleration, maximum speed, and fuel efficiency. These control all aspects of how your car handles on the road – what it feels like to drive it. Most aspects of tuning can be done without any real car modding in the sense of changing or adding parts to the car. Quite often, you don’t need expensive mods or new parts, you just have to tweak some of the specifics of the car’s factory defaults to get the performance you want.

Tuning Is All About Balance

The thing to understand about tuning your car is that it’s a matter of balance. When you tune a car to improve one area of handling, something somewhere else is going to go a little bit in the opposite direction. You cannot have all the elements tuned to be at their best. Having high acceleration and max speed is going to affect turning and fuel efficiency, and vice versa. High max speed can also mean your car will be slower to decelerate, as inertia works against you.

With tuning, it’s not inversely proportional, however, but something much more complicated. Nor is it entirely straightforward, as the road conditions affect performance as well. That’s why tuning is about striking a good balance to get the handling you want.

Know What You Want

Before you set out to have your vehicle tuned, you need to decide on what you want. Are you just looking for a smooth ride to work? Then you can ignore high speeds and focus on fuel efficiency and adequate turning. If your roads feature a lot of steep inclines, you might need more power to handle them. It all depends on what you want and need your car to do.

Safety Matters

Safety also has to be a concern. Since movies like Pixar’s Cars and Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift came out, people have talked about drifting. It’s possible to tune and mod a car to be extremely good at drifting, but doing so sacrifices a lot of turning control. Too much tuning for drifting can leave your car super great on the race-track, but also make it a safety hazard on normal roads. You have to take into account where you are driving and what’s safe for the other people on the road. Some drivers around Cache Valley might be surprised to learn this (looking at you, Adrian!), but it’s true; other people on the road have the right to be safe while driving.

Try Tuning First

So, that’s a simple run-down. If you’re looking to improve the performance of your car, then tuning is really the first thing you should try out. Before you go into complicated mods for your cars, see what you can do with the basic settings your car came with. You’d be surprised to learn that most of what people want out of their car, they can get just through proper tuning. If you have the know-how to tune a car yourself, you probably already know this much. For those who find this new information, you can check with a mechanic to learn more.