Why Schools/Colleges Can’t Prepare You For Your Future!

There are a number of words we call synonyms that aren’t synonyms at all. And because of this we are confused and in turn pass on that confusion to our children.

A short list of false synonyms are:
1. Virtues vs. Skills
2. Character vs. Tools
3. Quality of live vs. Standard of life
4. Education vs. Schooling

Immediately you can see the difference… can’t you? The list on the right is preached by public schools and its advocates. We call it education! Huh? It isn’t education at all it is preparing one for a job. Yet we leave the education of our children up to schools and the state instead of taking upon ourselves to educate our children.

No wonder things are falling apart around us. We have been relying on the state to educate when they aren’t. We thought they were educating when actually they were schooling. Big difference.

Now that we know there are different meanings for these different words, what will you be doing about it? Will you start educating your children? Teaching them right from wrong, good from bad, that quality of life is different from standard of living.

That character is obtained only by living a life of virtue, by accomplishing and doing, by trial and error and in learning what is right and wrong and choosing the better.

Taught In Home Virtues Character Quality of live Education Taught In Schools
Standard of life

If you are not teaching, virtues, character, quality of life, and educating in your home where are your children learning these things? Not in schools!

Our schools/colleges only give us the basic, may I repeat, the basic skills to get a job, nothing else. We need strong families to strength society.

Josiah Bunting, in his book, An Education for Our Time, states, “The things our country requires are simply not the things our colleges are prepared to deliver.”

Another great resource I’ve been reading is, Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams. It can be found online at no cost. It should get you thinking about the need to change our system of education.

1. Simplify your life.
2. Reevaluate your core values.
3. Teach your children what character is by living it.
4. Educate your children. Start by reading quality classic literature.


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