Who should register for Fort Worth’s SNAP program?

When 911 operators receive an emergency medical call, they dispatch fire rescue and police personnel to the scene. If the caller has registered in the free Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP), the dispatcher is able to provide emergency medical information about the victim to first responders as they head to the scene. The advance notification of a medical condition can save precious minutes when providing medical assistance.

The Fort Worth SNAP program should not be confused with the federal food stamps program or the state STEAR emergency evacuation service. It does not provide financial assistance, housing or job placement. It is a free regional database hosted by the Fort Worth Fire Department Office of Emergency Management.

Fort Worth residents with a medical, access or functional need can provide information about those needs. The information is used by emergency managers when planning for disasters, and is provided to first responders before they reach a caller’s location. Personal information is considered confidential and protected as allowed under law.

Who should register for SNAP? Anyone who considers themselves to have a special need. The program does not define special need. Perhaps you use a wheelchair or walker, require oxygen or have someone in your home with Alzheimer’s disease or autism. You may be blind, hard of hearing or deaf. You have difficulty breathing. Perhaps your child has intellectual or developmental disabilities. You’ve been diagnosed to have a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, or you’ve suffered a stroke in the past and are bedridden. These types of special needs all qualify.

Your family, friends and even neighbors can assist in the registration process. Or call 817-392-6170 and a staff member will assist. Registrants must renew annually to guarantee information provided is up-to-date. If you register an email address, you will receive a notice of renewal a few weeks before the registration is set to expire.


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