Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Therapy

What Is A Chiropractor?

There’s a lot of misconceptions about chiropractors and chiropractic therapy. Throughout the decades since the practice began, there have been a lot of claims, not all of them made in good faith. Today, chiropractic therapy is considered a form of alternative medicine. While some claims might be more suspect than others, studies have shown that chiropractic therapy does have some potential benefits if administered properly for the right causes.

How Does It Work

According to Integrity Chiropractic, a chiropractor office in Providence, Utah, chiropractic therapy is meant to serve as a supplemental or alternative treatments for back, neck, and joint pain. The spine is the hub for the body’s communication, but unfortunately it’s very easy to throw that off. Injury, stress, or even just poor posture can put it out of proper alignment, causing swelling, pain, and weakness. These problems, left untreated, and grow into even worse problems. Chiropractic therapy aims ease these problems by keeping the spine properly aligned and so reduce the chances of more serious problems developing.

Who Can Benefit?

While it might be easy to say “anyone suffering from back pain” can benefit from a chiropractor, there are certain lifestyles that leave people prone to the kind of pain chiropractic therapy aims to fix.  There are also some problems that can be helped by a chiropractor that people don’t think about.  For example:

sleeping positions can cause poor posture1. People With Sleeping Trouble

Not all sleeping problems are related to back problems, but sometimes it can be the case. Back and neck pain can be sudden and jolting. They also cause stress, making you anxious. These conditions can make falling asleep very difficult. Chiropractic therapy can ease the pain of your spine and, mixed with massage therapy, can be very relaxing. Some studies indicate that this can help with sleeping problems that don’t have other discernible causes (such as sleep apnea).

2. Teenagers

Time marches on and with it comes new technologies. For all the good they do, smart phones and portable computers are creating a new problem with posture for the younger generations on a scale we’ve never had before. We spend so much of our time looking down at our smart phones that our muscles grow accustomed to that position. During the teenage years, our skeletons are growing into their adult positions. If teenagers grow up with poor posture, it becomes a life-long issue that can be very hard to correct. Chiropractic therapy can offer some benefits in helping people manage good posture and reduce the side-effects of poor posture. Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it can make a huge difference in the amount of pain they will suffer as adults.

3. Shaky Hands and Weak Grip

The spine is the center of the nervous system. It connects to every other part of the body and if it gets misaligned, the signals suffer interference. This can cause shaky hands, or a weak grip. Since the signal isn’t getting through clearly, it becomes harder to keep your hands shut firmly, or hold them steady. A chiropractor can make some quick adjustments to the spine to straight it out properly, allowing it to properly carry the signals.

Keep in mind shaky hands are not always a sign of spinal problems. A little bit shaky and a little bit weak might be just a problem in the spine, but serious shaking or weakness is often a sign of other neurological problems. If you experience shaky hands after an injury, it might be back related, but you should also check with a neurologist to be sure it’s not indicative of something more serious.

4. Athletic Lifestyle

People who live athletic lifestyles get a lot of exercise. They’ll often be healthier than most people just because of how good a shape they keep themselves in. That said, a lot of athletic activities can put you in a position to be injured. The muscle tension from the exercise can put stress on your joints. Activities like jumping and gymnastic performances can cause minor impact trauma as you twist, turn, and land. Then there’s the occasional injury. Most of the stuff is minor, not big enough to worry you at the time; however, it can add up over time. Regular adjustments can help reduce the pain and easy the tension, reducing the long-term effects of these activities.

5. Heavy Lifting

woman lifting a heavy box, most likely hurting her back in the process
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

People who do hard physical labor, such as farmers, warehouse workers, and similar jobs all put themselves to regular minor trauma. Heavy lifting – especially if you make the mistake off lifting with your back instead of your legs – puts excessive stress on your spine. You may not feel anything the first time, or even the tenth time, but by the end of the day, you’ll be feeling sore. Even lifting properly, the weight puts stress on your spine that it’s not meant to handle. Regular adjustments may help reduce the damage and keep your back in good condition. It could prevent more serious injuries over time.

Know What It’s Good For

Chiropractors have gained a reputation for quackery, but as alternative treatments go, some studies do reveal some benefits to the treatment. It’s important to understand what the treatment is effective for and make smart calls about when to visit a chiropractor and when to visit a different sort of doctor. Chiropractors are good at fixing back and joint pain, and their treatments have been shown to help with related problems, such as certain sleep issues, neurological conditions, and especially posture related problems. It may also have other benefits as well, but studies are still being conducted.

Think of a chiropractor as you would other specialist doctors. You wouldn’t go to a dentist to fix an ear ache, right? A neurologist can’t do heart surgery. It’s a question of the right treatment for the right situation. Chiropractors are good for general issues related to the back and neck, especially pain in those areas. It’s not a replacement for traditional medical practices, but used appropriately can be an excellent supplemental treatment for its specific problems. If you’re prone to back and neck pain, or bad posture, chiropractic treatment might just be the right solution for you.