Where’s The Parade and Medals Honoring Our Taxpayers on Tax Day?

Shouldn’t there be a parade down every street in America honoring taxpayers on April 15th? Maybe the taxpayers will have to create this parade, as nobody receiving the largesse will.

Every year after sending huge checks to governments for taxes, I’ve wondered, Where are the thank you letters from the various governments? I’ve never received one thank you letter for all the hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxes I’ve paid. The state, the county, the city, and the Federal government are all ungrateful. What’s worse is that they seem to teach those millions of people that receive the unearned and earned benefits that are paid for by taxes that the taxpayers are greedy, selfish, hateful, racists who should be plundered even further.

I know people who have paid millions of dollars in taxes to various governments. They’ve never received a thank you letter. In fact one of them said to me this year: “My reward for paying over $1 million in taxes last year was an audit by the IRS.”

Taxpayers, those who pay for all the government programs, are vilified as greedy and hateful. Many of them are Tea Party members. They are labeled as racists because they try to get government spending under control so that taxes can be reduced. They are tired of being plundered year after year after year.

Taxpayers find it hard to fund their own retirement, college for their kids, care for their aging parents, charitable donations, and other essential items as so much of their earnings are siphoned off to pay state and federal income taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, and a myriad of other taxes.

No government has ever given Tax Payer Medals to honor those who pay. No government has ever sponsored a taxpayer parade or put the biggest taxpayers in cars at the head of the parade to be honored for their contributions.

Taxpayers are hated by those they benefit. Today our president and his ilk foster class warfare. Those who make money are vilified by Hollywood. Business leaders and those who produce are looked down upon. Everyone else believes the “rich” should be plundered. That used to be called theft, but now, the liberals call darkness light, and label evil as good. Shame on those who teach such lies. Covetousness and theft will always be wrong, even if government is the one practicing those vices.

Where is the gratitude for the trillions of dollars that are stolen from taxpayers each year to redistribute to the cronies of those in power? The entitled 43% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes don’t speak out in gratitude. The millions of people who receive entitlement payments and who are employed by taxpayers rarely, if ever, voice a word of gratitude directed towards taxpayers.

Let me be one of the first people in America to say, “Thank you taxpayers for all you do to support foreign governments, to give foreign aid to our enemies, to support the corrupt U.N., to take care of the poor, to pay for someone else’s mortgage, healthcare, food, housing, and utilities.” Let me be one of the first to say, “Thank you taxpayer for paying for all the things that you don’t believe in such as forced redistribution of wealth, bank bail outs, roads to nowhere, needless and foolish shovel ready projects, endless wars to build the U .N. empire, socialist propaganda in the schools and in the media, support for the lazy and the addicted, and many, many other things that you don’t want to pay for and that you don’t believe in.”

Has any school district ever thanked the property tax payers for the schools, libraries, playing fields, salaries, and retirement plans they enjoy? I’ve never heard a word of gratitude from anyone in any school’s employment. What we hear is, “We’re not paid enough.”

Liberals love to hate the taxpayers, the most productive members of our society. That helps them to justify their continued plunder of that group. Ingratitude is a vice, but the entitled among us have turned it into a high and holy calling to justify their covetousness and jealousy.


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