“Where’s the Line to See Jesus”

I look forward to December. It’s the time when the world is full of the spirit of Christ, the spirit of love, the spirit of good will. It’s the time when over a billion Christians celebrate the birth of Christ and what that has meant for the salvation of the world.

Over the last few decades efforts to eliminate Christmas, the Christ child, manger scenes, and references to Christmas from business and government facilities have intensified. Christmas is becoming “the holiday season”.

This week I heard a song. It was about a young woman who went to the mall to complete her Christmas shopping. While she was there she was watching all the children lined up to see Santa. A young boy tugged at her coat and asked, ??????Where????????s the line to see Jesus??????? The song asks: ??????Where????????s the line to see Jesus? Is he here at the store? If Christmas time is His birthday, why don????????t we see Him more??????? Lately this time of the year I find myself wondering where is the Christ child these days in our national Christmas celebration? I hope we will all remember whose birthday it is this month and why His birthday is important to us.

I hope that the hundreds of millions of Christians living in the world will remember to tell the world “Merry Christmas!”; and, I hope they will not forget whose birthday we celebrate and why we celebrate it. Christ brought us life and salvation.

As we think on the character of Christ we are struck by his infinite service and love. We are amazed at his humility, his self-sacrifice, and his willingness to do the will of His Father. If we want to know our Father in Heaven we should seek to know His son, Jesus Christ. If we would know His son we must follow his admonitions.

Christ????????s teachings and example have altered the entire world for the better. This nation was built on the foundation of His law. His example inspires hundreds of millions of people to live better lives, to improve their lives, to work harder, to be more, and to serve others. His teachings have helped us to understand how to love our fellow men more perfectly and how to live in such a way that we maximize our families???????? joy as well as our own personal joy.

The Son of God comforts us, binds up our wounds, heals our hurts, removes our guilt, carries our load, forgives our sins, strengthens us, and changes us into more exalted beings. He turns our stony hearts into hearts of flesh (Ezekial 36:26). Through His atonement we are purified and sanctified. He saves us from death. His power unites us eternally with our families and with our Father in Heaven.

As this year comes to an end it is time to take stock of how we have done in 2012. It????????s time to examine ourselves, to be grateful for the things we????????ve achieved, the things we????????ve learned, the growth we????????ve experienced, and the blessings we????????ve enjoyed. It????????s also time to set our goals for 2013. I hope that one of the goals each of us sets each year is to know our Father in Heaven better and Jesus Christ who he sent to save us.

One time President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Howard W. Hunter, explained that “We must know Christ better than we know him; we must remember him more often than we remember him; we must serve him more valiantly than we serve him. Then we will drink water springing up unto eternal life and will eat the bread of life. “What manner of men and women ought we to be? Even as he is.??????

In answer to the question posed by the song, ??????Where????????s the Line to See Jesus???????: Perhaps we can say the line to see Jesus starts with our humbling ourselves to obey his commandments; the line to see Jesus is in our baptisms, our confirmation, in taking the sacrament; the line to see Jesus forms where we serve our fellow men; we find the line to see Jesus as we learn about Him and His gospel in the scriptures; the line to see Jesus is in His temples, and His church buildings and His institutes of religion; the line to see Jesus is in our prayers; the line to see Jesus starts with humility and repentance, and most of all; the line to see Jesus is found in our discipleship and in the purity of our hearts. Seek and ye shall find. Christ stands at the door knocking. We must, by yielding our hearts to Him, let Him into our hearts. The scriptures tell us: ??????blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.?????? (Matthew 5: 8) We get in line to see Jesus through a process of purification and sanctification.

Merry Christmas!!!


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