Where Eagles Fly

When John eagle flew back from his scouting venture, he noticed the empty nest. Stacey was gone. He continued to sail high in the air, trying to avoid the dust and debris blowing through the air at the lower elevations. The sight of the nest had him stunned. There was nothing. Not even an egg. Something was terribly wrong. He knew it wasn’t like Stacey to leave when he had told her to wait for him to come back.

From the altitude at which he sailed, while looking down, he began to wonder if maybe it was just his angle that made the nest look vacant. It was very difficult to see through the dust flying through air, so the thought that maybe he had mistaken his sighting crossed his mind. But as he edged downward, swooping towards the large nest, there was still no sign of Stacey. Then he saw something that spooked him. A large mother turkey was walking towards the nest where the egg was left.

He looked all over for his mothering bird. She, however, was nowhere to be found. Not even a trace. Nothing.

John??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s worries grew rampant. “Stacey,” he screamed from high up in the sky in his eagle??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s voice. “Where are you!?” The wind overbearing for his billowing cry made it difficult to be heard in a long distance. As he continued to fight the strong breeze, he scoured the field. Then he noticed a large electrical tower located at the corner of the field. Then a feeling of uncontrolled worry came over him. “Please,” he cried. “Not the tower!”

He knew Stacey had known better. However, he continued to look at the unstable wires flickering with sparks at the connecting points on top of the poles. He knew an electrical tower, in a rain storm was not a good thing for any bird. The same kind of electrical tower that had taken the life of one of his good flying friends, may have taken Stacey. The memory was fresh in his mind. His friend??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s name was Jack, a very good friend, indeed. Jack stayed with him through the best, and the worst of times. They had grown together. They flew together. And one day Jack was gone. It was a loss he never recovered from, he could only learn to live with the pain.

To be continued.

(Don’t you hate it when time goes backward? Anyway, you all know by now that Dennis [the eagle] has been trapped amongst a flock of turkeys. Keep reading, and please, by all means, forward the story to all of your family, friends and neighbors.)



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