When The Going Gets Tough ~


I have another article that I have written. You can find it here:


Now, I am quite passionate about finding out what is going on with the financial systems. These, “Banksters” and several analysts like to call them are creating quite a choatic mode throughout the world. This is not something that should be denied. Now I wish to see what Barack Obama has up his sleeve. Because Peter Schiff, Bob Moriarty, Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert have pretty much hit the nail on the head. There are many others on all of their blogging threads that are simply brilliant. This idiot we have in office right now, appears to have some weird agenda. Dick Morris is another one you will want to follow along with Dennis Miller and his cohorts. Very good at reporting the truth.

I have others on my list. I just have a difficulty pulling everyone’s name out of my brain at one time. It must be the aging process, or something?

At any rate, enjoy the read. I can assure you . . .I will be back!




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