Ever wonder if you could get up and deliver a great stand-up routine? or try your hand at becoming the next viral video online because of a hilarious sketch you have written?

The Cache Valley Center for the Arts welcomes Comedian Hayley Simpson to our organization this summer. Hayley will be teaching three classes this summer a Monologue Workshop, an Improvisation Class and a Sketch Writing Class. Hayley is a comedian/writer/actor that hails from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She has performed in venues such as: Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club and The Rivoli’s ALT DOT COMEDY LOUNGE. Was a semifinalist in 2011 and 2013 in Yobi TV’s Yobi Laugh contest and has performed across the US. Hayley has a published book of poetry (For. . .) and was accepted into the Wasatch Page to Stage festival with “The Jam.”

Hayley will be teaching three courses designed to help develop various comedic talents of her students:
Monologue Workshop will help performers pick the right monologue to audition with. Whether it is comedic, dramatic, or alternative, every performer should have one great monologue that they have in their back pockets. This workshop will mature performers into actors that are able to smartly choose their own works that are right for them.
Improvisation will help performers think on their feet and learn the amazing styles of improv. Learn basics along with creating characters, and possibly some ideas for scripts.
Sketch Writing: SNL, MAD TV, Monty Python, all masters in sketch writing. This course revolves around what makes a sketch a good sketch. The types of sketches one can write, and the shows they can construct with these sketches. Bring your writing utensils and your funny, because this is going to be a great run.

Digital Photography is also a new class to the summer semester of classes. Digital photography 101 is being offered as an introductory course aimed at helping photographers learn about the manual settings available of DSLR Cameras and how to make to most of current technology. For more advanced photographers Digital photography 201 and Introduction to Lightroom are coursed aimed at helping photographers understand more advanced aspects of photography.

Other new courses this summer include three new art workshops for teens and adults. Oil painting, Watercolor, and Plein Air style workshops will be held this summer to help both teens and adults develop specific art skills in each genre or art. The Plein Air workshop will be held in conjunction with the Art on the Lawn event that takes place every year in North Logan 1491 E 12300 N. The art instructors teaching these workshops have had their works displayed around the world.

The Plein Air Art Retreat will be taught by Andi Jorgensen. Andi????????s experience includes 20 years of teaching art in public and private schools in Switzerland and Florida. She graduated with a BA degree in Art from Smith College in Massachusetts. She is proficient in drawing, painting with oils, watercolors, and acrylics, and using collage. She exhibits her work at Logan Fine Art in Logan in addition to many private collections around the world as far away as Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Peru. Andi is involved in the local arts community; she is a member of the Utah Water Color Society, Cache Valley Chapter and sings with American Festival Chorus & Orchestra


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