What To Know Before Starting a Gemstone Collection

What To Know Before Starting a Gemstone Collection

Collecting gems is a growing hobby as natural décor and jewelry have taken over fashion, but it’s been around for a long time. This great hobby has a place for everyone, no matter what kinds of gemstones or reasons for collecting you come in with, as it doesn’t come without a decent price tag. Before you take the leap, here’s what to know before starting a gemstone collection.


Before getting into any hobby, it’s good to set your expectations and limits on day one so you don’t burn out. Knowing why you want to collect gemstones is a good first step. Most people collect gems casually as something gorgeous to keep around the home or to incorporate into their outfits as jewelry. Cracked geodes look great as desk and shelf pieces, and gemstones are a jewelry staple, making these perfect starting points for people who simply appreciate how great gems look!

Another section of the gem-collecting hobby is found with those celebrating their alleged metaphysical benefits, where each gem type is assigned a meaning in hope that it contributes to the owner’s well-being. For those who love to research, collecting gems for their metaphysical properties turns shopping trips into a fun hunt for the stone that matches your mood and ambitions.

Gem collectors can also tackle the hobby as an investment. The color, grade, and cut of gems themselves can at times drastically increase their value. Thus, beyond being a beautiful collection in the home, seeking out high-value gemstones can be an artform with high rewards.

How To Buy

As gemstone collecting becomes a more common hobby, it’s becoming easier for buyers to find gemstones out and about. Some of the best places to look for gems include:

  • Local vendors in pop-up markets
  • Social media platforms hosting local and digital sellers
  • Metaphysical businesses that host “truck shows,” or events right after a large international delivery of stones
  • Small online sellers who use trustworthy digital marketplaces
  • Online wholesale sellers who sell stones for jewelry making

Due to the nature of gemstones as an international commerce item, it may be important to you to know where your stones are being sourced and whether they are being sourced ethically. Don’t be afraid to ask where each stone came from, how it arrived with the seller, and if the seller is confident their product is ethically sourced.

Where To Start

It’s always good to start with pieces that speak to you over pieces you think will be most valuable. Choose gemstones that have properties you like, come in colors you love, or are set in jewelry you want to wear often. Hobbyists rarely forget their first piece, so it’s great to find one that you truly fall in love with as the start of something new.

The last tip on what to know before starting a gemstone collection is to do what makes you happy. Gemstones are fun, beautiful, and unique—and your collection can be too. Don’t be ashamed to show off what you’ve collected, no matter how few or how many, and enjoy the pieces of nature that you bring into your life!