What To Expect in the Hospital When Giving Birth

What To Expect in the Hospital When Giving Birth

Giving birth can be an extremely intense event in your life. It’s something you prepare for months in advance by eating the right foods and avoiding any dangerous activities. But the culmination of pregnancy comes from delivering the baby, which requires its own planning. To help you come up with your plan, it’s best to know what to expect in the hospital when giving birth. Because the processes are very different, this guide only speaks about natural labor, not C-sections or induced labor.


Any delivery starts with your arrival at the hospital. How you get there doesn’t really matter, as that won’t have too much bearing on what happens next. Once there, a nurse should ask you about what you’re experiencing. Be honest, as this will inform them about the next steps they need to take.

Settle In

Once you’re in the hospital and have spoken to the nurse, you will likely be placed under observation until you’re fully ready to deliver the baby. Several machines will measure you and your baby’s vitals, and you’ll be put on an intravenous (IV) drip to prevent dehydration. This process may take a while depending on the rate of your contractions, though some people skip much of this process if the baby’s ready to come right away.

The Birth

The actual birthing process isn’t necessarily pleasant, but you’ll have a medical team ready to help you through the whole process. Once the contractions are close enough, and the baby’s ready to come out, your medical team will guide you through the process of pushing out your child.

After Birth

Once your baby is born, the hard part is mostly over. Immediately after birth, the doctor will make a quick assessment of your baby and hand them to you. After a few moments, the doctor will likely take your baby for a longer health assessment, and you’ll get to rest after all your effort.

This is what to expect in the hospital when giving birth and everything you should plan around. It’s best if you talk to your doctor well before your delivery date to iron out the exact details. However, once you get through all this, you’ll have an amazing baby.