What Really Happened at the Bundy Ranch

My son was returning from California with his family and ran into a road block where BLM agents were holding up traffic as they staged their showdown at Clyde Bundy’s ranch. It made me wonder what is really going on in Clark County, Nevada.

This short YouTube video gives an interesting theory, supported with some evidence, about what’s happening at the Bundy Ranch:

It’s time to downsize the Federal government. We should all be alarmed to see 27 government agencies being armed by the government. Why does the IRS need guns? Why does Homeland Security need enough bullets and arms to fight a major war? Why is government preparing to execute tyranny?

Why is government and it’s cronies trying so hard to put an end to the Second Amendment? Why is there so much propaganda aimed at taking our guns?

Will you, your family, your land, or your wealth be safer when you’ve given up your guns?

Why aren’t there major investigations of people like Harry Reid?

It’s time to put the criminals in government out of government and into prison.

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