What Makes Athleisure so Popular?

What Makes Athleisure so Popular?

As our world grows, the English language grows along with it to describe our most recent innovations. One way we do this is by combining existing words to form what the French call a portmanteau. We combined “breakfast” and “lunch” to create “brunch.” And apparel equally suited for athletic activities and leisure time is “athleisure.” Athleisure apparel is on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. The style, comfort, and tacit message of inclusivity are all a part of what makes athleisure so popular—and why you should add some items to your closet as soon as possible. Maybe you can even wear your athleisure at brunch!

Comfort and Style at the Same Time

Before the pandemic, most of us wouldn’t go to the grocery store in sweatpants or pajamas. Now that we’re fearless about existing in comfort, it’s okay to add a little pizzazz to the equation, and high-end athleisure often looks as good as it feels. You won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort anymore, and you won’t feel shame the next time you have to grab some groceries.

Good Vibes Only

Part of what makes athleisure so popular is the positive message it sends, particularly at a time when positivity is in such short supply. The popularity of athleisure ties into the acceptance of our bodies and the rise of the body positivity movement. Athleisure allows its wearers to radiate confidence, and this confidence often proves contagious. The tendency toward bright and vibrant colorways helps keep the mood up, too—now’s no time for drab and muted earth tones.

It Accessorizes Well

Athleisure apparel doesn’t have to stand alone—in fact, it’s even better when it doesn’t. It’s an ideal base for accessorizing. When you don your comfy clothes for social situations, complement them with jewelry, watches, or hats to take your athleisure to the next level. On the workout side, however, it’s best to keep the jewelry in the locker.

Ideal for Warm Weather

Summer is just around the bend, meaning fewer layers and more time in the sun. It’s time to take your workouts out of the socially distanced gyms and back outside, and the comfortable fits and breathable fabrics of athleisure make it a summer wardrobe essential. You’ll look as good as you feel as you jog around the neighborhood or out on the trails—or even as you go for one of those charity 10ks.