What is Uncle Sam doing with Your Money?

Mark????????s Column ~ Sharpen the Edges on Financial Obligations. . .

I believe by now that most of the people that have been reading this column understand that trillions of US dollars have been allocated to overseas interests. Ron Paul has been trying to get an audit performed on the Federal Reserve Bank to determine where that capital went. Keep in mind, of course, the ??????Federal Bank?????? is not ??????Federal?????? at all. It is a privately owned bank. I guess Iran has now figured that out. . . http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=72812721

At this point in time, Ben Bernanke has his legs in crud up to his groin trying to explain what happened to the trillions of dollars that seemingly disappeared over the past 3 years that Americans are accountable for. Timothy Geithner (from the Treasury Department of the United States) is pretty close to jumping ship. Hopefully he will choose the right rail to jump off of. That????????s right, Geithner will jump ship before Ron Paul gets an audit to go through with this legacy of bozos we have in office right now. It will happen. Particularly when the price of gasoline goes up to $6.00 a gallon and one needs to purchase 20 gallons to fill the tank on their automobile along with pay down their debts and feed their children.

If you think this is a joke, just go to Florida or go to Southern California. This is not a joke. . .if it were a joke, you would have been instructed where to go, and what to do. . .for now ~

Let????????s all take a moment to pause for a break. The following song emits a bit of magic to my spirit. We????????ll leave things ??????upbeat,????????. . .so let????????s open with this one ~

Matthew ~

For those of you that are actually watching the videos that are posted on this thread, I stand for you. I wish we had people in office right now that would stand for us. I know we have people running for office that have good intentions. You already know who I like if you are monitoring my blogging thread on Investorshub.com. I????????ll tell you all this much right now, I????????m not at all happy with the results that have transpired by this latest character that made it into office. If you read the introduction to the thread @ http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434 you will get a good idea of how this present leader slipped through loops in the system. I know this much for sure, it isn????????t looking good for his potential second term, particularly when he tries to appeal to black Americans and those who attend church. That would be the southeast states that he is aiming at. He????????s playing a game right now, and he is going to lose.

Let????????s take a break as we ponder financial obligations as we move into the future. . .

Arc of The Diver (Steve Winwood) ~

You know, times are challenging for many people right now. We don????????t need to listen to the ??????Mass Media?????? to figure that out. One in six of every American is living under the poverty level with over 380,000 added last month. Most of us have already taken our kick in the shorts. Now we are waiting for Burnanke and Geithner to stop raising the debt ceiling of the United States before they take the dollar down to a state of absolute worthlessness.

Well of course, we have to consider those that elected to raise the debt ceiling which further puts the burden on American tax payers. Hey, wasn????????t it nice to watch our tax monies go to overseas banks rather than to our own continent? Oh yes, that was a real good move now wasn????????t it? So where was Biden in all of this? That guy is about as worthless as a stick of gum that fell out of a package onto the street (or the sidewalk) and was then run over by a car and cast into the gutter.

On jobs, give me a break. Just go to indeed.com and you can see what opportunities are out there. Go through 10 years of college to work for 10 bucks an hour or on commission. There is no commission when you can????????t raise capital due to the banks paying their officers, bonuses of ridiculous amounts. That????????s right, the banks have been paying bonuses to the very people who refuse to provide loans to individuals trying to start new businesses which would create jobs. It doesn????????t make any sense at all. I, for one, believe the American public is beginning to figure the game out (that in Washington, DC). The people have had it and social unrest is the ??????norm?????? of the day. Uprisings are taking place all over the world. Much of this has to do with the policies taking place within the United States. Our leaders have created a crisis never seen before in American history ~ when it comes to currency. We permitted these people to get into office that have destroyed our financial systems. We even have a president that is strongly suspected to have been born in a foreign country. That country would be ??????Kenya,?????? for those of you that may have been on vacation for the past few years.

We????????re going to end for now. What I????????m going to recommend you all do is to send a message to your representatives to find out where your tax dollars have been being spent. The address is on my blogging thread and should be very easy to find. I realize there are many people that simply can????????t type effectively, but that????????s okay. You can always just forward the newsletters you receive from here. Let????????s end on a sweet note. . .

Let us all avoid going the wrong direction (Just realize what awaits you at the ??????End of the Road) ~

Peace be with you all, always ~ and in all ways. . .

(I????????ll keep my blogging thread updated on an hourly basis. Those of you reading on a regular basis will be highly informed. I can assure you of that.)

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine Universities
Presently in pursuit of his doctorate degree in International Business and the Central Banking systems

**As always, feel free to forward all articles to friends and family so they can have the resources to see what is going on around the world in the financial aspect of things.)


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