What is the Most Effective Exercise?

Does it seem that we exercise more, yet we put on more weight? Is the exercise that we do now effective? Take a look at life a couple of generations ago. People were physical. But, they were physical in a natural way, not with the contrived exercises of the gym.

So what were our ancestors doing to remain in good health and shape? First, remember that cars weren’t everywhere and that those who lived in towns often were able to walk wherever they needed to go. The days of small town living with a grocery store in walking distance are long gone???????suburbia is here.

What else did our predecessors do? Not only did they walk, but they rode bicycles, worked in the yard, grew vegetables in the garden and generally did more outside than we do today. Computers weren’t in every household and really weren’t even dreamed of at that point. Television didn’t rule the days and nights like it does now.

Our ancestors also ate less than we do today. In the past, people ate most of their meals in a home prepared from scratch. However, now, most of the meals are ??????semi homemade?????? and have ingredients that we would never think of adding to a homemade meal.

Also, have you noticed that in restaurants portions are getting larger as prices go up? Americans really want their ???????money????????s worth???????? when it comes to eating out, and we’ve become very accustomed to large plates mounded with food. Our great-grandparents wouldn’t have considered eating until they were gorged, there wasn’t enough food to go around the table of the larger families.

This brings us to the question, ??????Is going to the gym and working out necessary???????
If we forget about our ancestors, let????????s look at a more ???????modern???????? example found in our Amish and Mennonite communities. These individuals don????????t have a daily workout in a gym. If you are driving through Amish country you won????????t see them jogging the roads at 5:30 a.m. Yet they are typically more fit than many personal trainers. So what gives?

In a word ??????? they move. They walk. They lift. They bend. They work. They eat when they????????re hungry, stop when they????????re full, and enjoy a simple lifestyle. Their time is not spent in front of a computer or television and they don????????t have washing machines and dryers to do their laundry.

Think I????????m making this up? Try washing all of your clothes by hand on a washboard, wringing each piece out, and then lugging a large basket of wet things to a clothesline to hang out. You????????ll build muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Could getting into shape be that simple? Simply being active throughout the day by walking down the block, or working in the yard, or not finding the closest parking stall to the front door, could that be some simple changes in a lifestyle to help us get in shape? Add that to ideas for healthy eating and that may well be the holy grail to the fitness quest that so many of us seek.


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