What is a Quality Education?

“Any system of education, therefore, which limits instruction to the arts and sciences, and rejects the aids of religion in forming the characters of citizens, is essentially defective.”
– Noah Webster, Letter to David McClure :: October 25, 1836

With more and more people questioning the relevancy of our public school system it is refreshing to read Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.

There have been many on the forefront of the issues facing “the post-job economy” such as Strauss and Howe, Dr. Oliver DeMille, founder of George Wythe University and Dr. Shannon Brooks, founder of Monticello College, but if education was taught in a holistic manner where everything is related instead of in Pavlovian bell ringing segregated labyrinth it may be clear to most everyone what the problems are.

All the skills we our children need to learn to be successful in the 21st century,
??????? Initiative
??????? Ingenuity
??????? Allegiance
??????? Integrity
??????? Commitment
??????? Passion
??????? Impact

where once taught in the home and never taught in schools. Yet we insist, only because its all we know, that we “fix” public schools. There is no way to “fix” public schools because they have different goals than that of the needs for success.

The only way to “fix” education is to take it into your own hands. A quick outline to get you started would be dig out a bunch of classics and read them consider the life skills taught in these books and base your teachings around them to build the skills needed for a proper liberal arts education.

After one has learned the above basis they have the ability to learn any skill they wish to pursue. But without such a background one will be stuck in the skill set he/she first develops and that is no place for an American from any age.


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