What Can A Virtual Bookkeeper Do For Your Business?

virtual bookkeeping

How A Virtual Bookkeeper Helps Your Business

A virtual bookkeeper, the name implies, is a bookkeeper who does their work for you through virtual means. They use online communication and networking tools to manage your finances remotely. For businesses, this offers several advantages that can save you time and money. If you’re a small business, or a start-up business, where money is tight, this can help you tremendously. Here’s what Dragon Financial, a bookkeeping company in Portland Oregon, said where the major benefits.

Advantages of a Virtual Bookkeeper

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1. Travel Expenses Are A Thing Of The Past

Until you’ve had a chance to work from home, you really don’t stop and think about just how much time you spend driving to and from work. While the actual commute time varies, sometimes wildly, by city and state on average, a person spends a little under an hour driving to and from work on an average day. This adds up to about five hours of driving a week, depending on how many days you go in for work. In some places, this can be much harder, especially in areas with heavy traffic problems. This means working remotely is a money saving cost for all areas of your business when its possible.

You won’t have to meet with a bookkeeper every day, but if your bookkeeper lives a modest distance from you, traveling to them, or reimbursing them for travel time to meet you if they’ll drive themselves, is an extra expense. With a virtual bookkeeper, this driving isn’t an issue. Meetings are done through online video chats. You can join the meeting from any place you’ve got a computer, and so can they. This frees up time to spend managing your business and saves you money at the same time.

2. Record Meetings

When you use a virtual bookkeeper, all communications can be electronic. Many video chats have the option to record meetings. This means that you don’t have to worry about taking notes for the future. Everything said in those meetings is recorded and you can go check the video to confirm. You’ll avoid confusion of who said what and when. For those concerned about fraud, recorded meetings mean you’ll be able to double check if someone says something that seems to be contradictory later. People can’t lie about what they said in meetings. This helps you avoid many problems that can cost your business money.

3. Covid Safety Concerns

Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to go away right now, so we’re all looking for ways to maintain health and safety standards. A virtual bookkeeper is great for this, because you never have to actually meet in person. Many businesses have switched to online meetings to deal with these concerns. Your virtual bookkeeper won’t need to spend any time upgrading their workplace to do that because that’s how they’ve already been doing it.

virtual bookkeeping, one of many new options accounting has thanks to software advancements4. Get The Best Anywhere

If your bookkeeper is one you meet in person, then you’re stuck with whoever is in your area. Maybe those options aren’t the best. If there’s no one in your area, you might have to travel two or three hours to the next city over where that bookkeeper is. And they may still not be the best choice for your business.

A virtual bookkeeper, being online, can work from anywhere. You can research companies from anywhere in the United States to find a bookkeeper who fits best with your own business. Since everything is done virtually, distance is no barrier to getting the best person for the job.

Virtual Bookkeepers Can Save Time and Money

In today’s cutthroat, high-speed business world, time comes at a premium. Virtual bookkeepers can speed up your financial management by cutting out a lot of the time that in-person work takes. They can work for any business, so even if you’re running a mom-and-pop shop, you can still hire a virtual bookkeeper to help you handle your money. The time and money saved will let you focus more on succeeding in your business and investing in your future.