West Nile Mosquitoes Found in 6 More Traps

Plano Texas Press ReleaseSix more mosquitoes found in traps placed across Plano tested positive for carrying the West Nile Virus. Weather permitting, City of Plano Environmental Health Department crews will complete six spray cycles. Three areas in the vicinity of the traps will be sprayed on Thursday evening, August 24th. The other three areas will be sprayed on Tuesday evening, August 29th. The spraying will begin at 9:00 P.M. Residents are urged to ensure children and pets are indoors during spraying.


August 24th:


Berkeley Ct. (map 1)


North – Burlington Dr./ Legacy

East – Alma Dr.

South – Seabrook Dr

West – Mantilissa Dr/Alamosa Dr/Amethyst Ln.


Omar Ln (map 2)


North – Ashington Ln

East – Stillwell Rd/Brougham Ln

South – Sage Brush Trail

West – Laser Ln


Rockcreek Ln (map 3)


North – Headquarters Dr/Legacy Parkway

East – Ohio Dr/Robinson Rd/Family Farm

South – Quincy Ln

Southwest – Quincy Ln/Dominion Parkway



August 29


Druid Dr. (map 4)


North – W. Parker Rd

East – Thunderbird Ln/Cheshire Dr/Greencastle Ln

South – Raywood Cir/Orlando Dr

Southwest – Orlando Dr.

West – Along the greenbelt streets/Greenpark Dr/Ginger Ct


Wildwood Cr: (map 5)


North – Rockbrook Dr./Bob Woodruff Trail (Bob Woodruff Park)

East – Fireside Dr/Crystal Way/Hendrick Dr

South – Hillridge Dr.

Southwest – E. 15th St

West – Ridgewood Dr./Judy Dr

Northwest – 18th St


4000 Block Plano Prkwy: (map6)


North – Kirkwall St

East – Coit Rd

South – Railroad tracks

West- Fulgham Rd

Northwest- Pagewynne Dr.

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