West Bluff Council Awards Lynne Binkele With Annual Award

Pillar of the West Bluff Award Goes to Longtime Resident and Community Volunteer

The West Bluff Council announced yesterday that Lynne Binkele was awarded the 2020 Pillar of the West Bluff Award.  A longtime resident of the West Bluff, Ms. Binkele has been involved in the Tour of Homes, the Renaissance Park Commission, and is a past president of the West Bluff Council.  The West Bluff Council is a consortium of neighborhood associations and merchants on the West Bluff.

The West Bluff Council also honored Kelli Martin with the Marjorie Klise Award for Community Action.  West Bluff Council President Conrad Stinnett stated, “Seeing a need to feed people affected by the recent pandemic, Martin turned the front porch of her Ellis Street home into a food pantry, serving hundreds of people in need.”  Ms. Martin’s efforts have not only helped people in our community but have also received recognition from the local media and the U.S. House of Representatives.  The award was named for West Bluff resident Marjorie Klise, who passed away in 2016.  A resident of Moss Avenue for seventy years, Ms. Klise grew up on the West Bluff and was recognized as a neighborhood leader who also focused on work in the areas of civic involvement, cultural opportunities, and social justice.