We Built Your Country

From time to time on the nightly news you will hear an illegal alien activist shout out "We built your country." Or you will see a similar sentiment on a sign they are holding in one of their organized rallies to protest not being treated as citizens.

The point they seem to be trying to make is: "We did a lot of work here, therefore you should give us your nation, your property, and citizenship in the USA."  They have been whipped up into a frenzy of socialist indignation, demanding that which isn't theirs, made to feel entitled to that which isn't theirs and encouraged to see themselves as victims of Americans, just because it was Americans who paid them to work.

I don't know about you, but just because I pay someone to build a portion of my new home, it doesn't mean that makes them part of my family, nor does it give them any right to my home. If they were paid for their work, then they have already been paid.  The house and family are still mine as I bought and paid for them. Furthermore, if they misrepresented themselves to do the work or they sneaked into my home to do the work, they shouldn't have been there in the first place. They should have been arrested as the criminals they are.

Citizenship requires more than just entering the country illegally and then working.  There are legal requirements for gaining and earning citizenship.

Americans have, wrongly or rightly, been benefactors to millions of socialist minded illegal aliens who have been able to establish themselves within our border through lies, subterfuge, and deceipt. Now that they have established themselves in the USA in such great numbers they feel they have the political clout to demand unearned benefits from the citizens and taxpayers of this great nation. Many of them already receive unearned Social Security benefits, unearned Medicare benefits, unearned Medicaid benefits, as well as many benefits from dozens of other state, county and/or federal aid programs.

We have been and are being invaded. Our national and state leaders have done very little to send the invaders home or to end this invasion that is one more nail in the coffin of America. It is time for our nation to give greater attention to the preservation of our borders than it does to the preservation of borders elsewhere in the world.  Send the invaders home and see how many jobs become available to Americans. End the welfare state and watch those Americans take the jobs they have been able to ignore because they already had a free lunch from the government.

It's time for Americans to get back to work and for the socialist invaders to go home.


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