Water District Chlorine Maintenance to Prompt Tank Flushing

The North Texas Municipal Water District is taking steps to keep our water safe and healthy. The district is adding pure chlorine into the water at the treatment plant in Wylie.  From there, the Chlorine will flow into the lines and tanks, where it will act as a disinfectant. “The purpose of adding straight chlorine is to maintain water quality, but also assist the cities in reducing the amount of water they have to flush during the summer months,” said Denise Hickey, the District’s Public Education Manager.


It’s not uncommon for some customers to notice a stronger smell or taste of chlorine during the four-week chlorination process.


As a result of the maintenance, the City of Plano will begin flushing water tanks.  By flushing, the chlorine flows into the system quickly, doing its job to kill bacteria and biofilm, which grows on the inside of pipes, providing an area where bacteria can grow. “The goal of doing the chlorine maintenance and flushing is to do it now rather than add more of it during the summer time,” said Jerry Cosgrove, Director of Public Works.


The District regularly adds ozone and a combination of chlorine and ammonia called chloramines to the water for disinfection. But once a year, they only add chlorine for a period of 28 days.


While citizens often find flushing a confusing sight, it is a very common and necessary practice to ensure safe and healthy water for customers.

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