Watch Out ~ There’s a Bad Moon On The Rise. . .

Injustice In America,

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a great day. My most recent column can be found here:


I write about financial issues to keep others informed about what is going on. Also to give them “fair warning” to make appropriate changes to their spending habits. And I would suggest, everyone do that right now. Improve their spending habits, that is.

I believe I may have expressed this before, but I’m never sure if the point is getting across. We are approaching what is termed a “Black Swan” moment in American history. You can read up on that a little bit when you find the time. . .right here:


You are the people who I have wished to inform. It is coming, and it won’t be stopped. But nobody really knows what it is. It will have a powerful impact on our nation. It is also having a powerful impact around the world. Individuals who are following the “alternative news media” are staying informed. For those following the “mass media” out there, “Sorry Charlie. You’re going to lose the boat”.

My recommendations right now are to try and get some silver. They should be coins minted prior to 1965. This was the era of the JFK assassination. You can get Benjamin Franklin fifty cent pieces, Standing Liberties or Kennedy fifty cent pieces. Good luck finding them. You won’t need to get a lot. It appears Obama is more focused on destroying this nation than he is with the issues we presently face. Creation of jobs is all he really needs to focus on. Guess how that can be accomplished. . .BRING OUR TROOPS BACK FROM OVERSEAS.

If he would stop drinking his beer he would figure that out. Also, the DEFENCE of OUR NATION would be taken care of. All this nonsense about Iran is absolutely absurd. Why are we picking on the people from that area of the globe. Just bring our damned jobs back, and our troops back, and we won’t have to worry about anything!

Alright, that’s enough steam for now. Come on America, Wake UP! If we don’t do it now, we are going to do it dearly later. See the posts from some of the other profession writers on the thread I have posted.

Peace be with you all. . .always, and in all ways.

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State, UC Irvine and Arizona State


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