Watch Out ~ And This Is For Real

Hello everyone,

It is always great to know you are reading. I????????ve got a few things going on right now that are really keeping me busy. For all of you, however, you are being informed from ??????inside the street??????.

I have been working in the Capital Markets for quite some time. I am now looking at going for my PhD in finance, or philosophy. The reason for philosophy is that I enjoy writing. And yes, I have been published many, many times. So if I can help in teaching young adults about what is going on with this world, we might be able to turn the ship around.

Get everyone you can on ??????Food Stamps??????. If the government is going to be bailing out banks within the US, and over the oceans . . The people need to take advantage of the situation we are in since we are the ones that voted these bozos into office. Take a stand, people. I don????????t fear those pricks, nor should anyone else. Watch Hillary Clinton jump ship and try to run for president since she KNOWS Barack Obama will never see office again. That guy, was the biggest mistake in American history. Now we face the biggest financial disaster in American history. Bar none!

What you have to do to prepare is keep your jobs. The actual unemployment rate in America is 23%. That 9.1% is a total joke. Go to shadowstats.com to see the real numbers. Unemployment rates are on the rise due to the fact there are no new jobs being created. The entire situation has turned into a national disaster. Anyone that can prove me wrong can go ahead and try and do it. Plus, companies continue to lay off people to make their earnings look good. This SYSTEM is in REAL big trouble. Let everyone know where you heard it first. But wait a minute, you would have to read back in time over three years on this thread.

I????????m not happy with what is going on right now, nor are many, many Americans. An American to me is someone that wants to live in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America. I really don????????t care where they come from because none of us are actual ancestors to the United States except for the Indians. Got it? Good. Think about it.

We????????re going to be taking a look at a good deal of tough issues as we move forward. The people who can face those issues are the ones that will move forward. Those who can????????t, will not survive what is forthcoming.

I????????ll keep my columns coming. Just be ready. This is not going to be good.

Peacefully yours, ~~ Mark


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