Wastewater Averaging Begins Mid-November

Austin Water Department advises to reduce water use.(Austin)— November marks the beginning of Austin Water’s annual wastewater averaging period. The wastewater averaging period spans three consecutive billing periods beginning in mid-November and ending in mid-March. The water used during the averaging period will determine wastewater charges for most customers for the 2017-2018 service year.

Lower Your Wastewater Costs

You can lower your wastewater costs for the next year by conserving water during these billing periods. To help you conserve water in the winter months and lower your wastewater average, follow these basic water-saving tips:

  • check your irrigation system for leaks and turn them off during the fall and winter months;
  • fix all leaky faucets and toilets;
  • sign up for the free Dropcountr app and get home water use reports;
  • run your dishwasher and washing machine only with a full load;
  • take shorter showers – place a timer in your bathroom;
  • when buying new water-using appliances look for the WaterSense® label;
  • visit WaterWiseAustin.org for water conservation tips and to find out about rebate programs.

About Wastewater Averaging

Wastewater averaging is calculated during the winter months when most residential water goes directly into the sanitary sewer system versus being used for outdoor watering. This measurement determines the cap on the volume of wastewater you will be billed for each month for the next year. If there is outside watering during the wastewater averaging period, that water volume will also be included in the wastewater average. Avoid this by making sure your irrigation systems are turned off.

Visit AustinWater.org to find the dates for your wastewater averaging period and for tools to help you estimate your wastewater average.

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