Washington Navy Yard, An Unsafe Environment?

It has been reported that ten innocent people have been shot by an armed gunman in the Washington Navy Yard. Is this another situation of an organization, the Navy Yard in this case, creating an “unsafe environment” for its employees by creating a “gun free zone”? Did the Navy create a “killing zone” where a mass murderer or murderers could kill at will without worrying about facing armed citizens because he or they knew this was a gun free zone? Would fewer than ten innocent people have been shot (at the time of this writing the carnage goes on) because none of the victims were allowed to keep and bear arms at work?

Were these ten innocent people allowed to have weapons in their offices or on their persons or in their place of work or were they forced to rely on the reportedly “heavy security” provided by the Navy Yard? Did the “heavy security” make them secure? Did it make them safe? Did “heavy security” protect them from a gunman or gunmen who ignored the signs that were posted saying “No Weapons Allowed”? Did the signs protect anyone other than the murderer(s)? If the murderer or murderers had come into an area where everyone was armed, would he or they have been able to shoot ten innocent people before he or they was/were taken down?

Has the U.S. Navy created an “unsafe zone”, a “killing zone” where mass murderers seem to be welcome to kill at will? Are the Navy’s employees asked to set their right to “keep and bear arms” aside when they come to work even when the Navy knows that it is becoming more common for criminals to get guns and kill masses of defenseless citizens, even on military bases (for instance, Ft. Hood, See: Link)? If I was an attorney for the victims and the families of the victims, I would be asking that question and many more. When will our Navy and other institutions allow their employees and others to arm themselves in order that they might have a means to protect themselves against terrorists and other well armed murderers?

The innocent victims and/or their families should sue the U.S. Navy for creating an unsafe environment if it is found that the Navy posted “No Weapons Allowed” signs or if it is found that the Navy would not, as a matter of policy, allow their innocent employees and visitors to carry weapons in order to defend themselves against terrorists and other murderers. Did the Navy created an unsafe zone, a killing zone, and virtually invite these vicious attackers into this zone made safe for killers by disarming the innocent workers that were on site in the facility? If so, then shame on the Navy, an organization sworn to defend the Constitution of the U.S., for asking innocent citizens to set aside their 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” when they come to work. This tragedy could have been minimized or avoided had the unarmed, innocent, and defenseless victims been armed. Will we never learn? Perhaps the signs at the entrance doors should say, “Law Abiding U.S. Citizens Encouraged to Keep and Bear Arms While On-Site”.

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