VW, Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact?

These days if you believe that there are real, immoral or illegal conspiracies operating in any arena of human interaction you are in danger of being labeled a "conspiracy nut" or accused of wearing a "tin hat".  Anyone who believes a conspiracy is operating in government or in business must believe in a "Conspiracy Theory" and anyone who believes in that must be a conspiracy nut;  or so the common "wisdom" would suggest.

We must wonder why that belief has become so prevalent when even a cursory look at modern and ancient history shows miriads of conspiracies at work. Whether we are looking at the politics behind the murder of Jesus Christ or looking at Volkswagen's top executives' efforts to fool the EPA about their real emmissions from their diesel engines we can not help but admit that real conspiracies have operated, are operating, and will likely always operate. To believe otherwise is to be either foolish, uneducated, ignorant, naive, or uninformed.  And yet, it is those naive souls who point the finger at those who have the insight to recognize a conspiracy in operation who label the insightful believer as "paranoid". 

Criminal conspiracies are very wide spread in governments at all levels and in many business operations. Even in charities and churches there are proven examples of conspiracies, secret combinations, and dark, evil agreements designed for illegal gain at the expense of the trusting.  There are many examples of criminal gangs and partners in crime in every area of human endeavor.   And yet, if you believe these things can happen and that they are a real danger then you may be labled as a fool or worse. There are times when you should seek your own counsel. Trust yourself and your perceptions. Don't be too easily talked out of your belief by people who have not studied the situation as well as you have. Andy Grove, the founder of Intel observed as the title of his book:  "Only The Paranoid Survive."  If you recognize something that the sheeple haven't recognized, then count yourself lucky, you may be able to avoid the trap while the sheeple get sheared.

Where there is smoke there is fire. When someone suspects a conspiracy; listen up; there just might be one. Of course, once you see the evidence and you are convinced that a game is rigged, don't be too quick to "cast your pearls before swine."  They may turn and rend you, or at least label you a conspiracy nut, or delusional, or crazy, or paranoid. The reason there are so many criminal conspiracies is because there are so many fools who are easily duped. Most people need milk before meat. They need to receive a careful, metered education before they can see dangers that lay practically in the open. Don't be too surprised when others don't see what seems plain to you. By the time it becomes plain to everyone those who didn't see the conspiracy will be the ones who will be surprised.

I submit that if you believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy then you probably reside in a fool's paradise.  You may have already been fleeced for years. Ignorance is bliss, but it's not healthy.

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