Visualize It

Proverbs tells us: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Bible KJV Proverbs 29:18). One type of vision is the vision of revelation. The other kind of vision is the one wherein you envision what you want, what you want to achieve, and what you want to become. In order to begin your quest for something, for some achievement, or for a change in self, you should start with a vision.

Some people call it a dream others a vision. It is valuable to write it down, or render it in drawings and photos, anything that will help you to create a clear vision in your mind of what it is you are seeking for.

Once you have clearly articulated your dreams and/or vision, you can divide the dream into goals, the goals into action plans, and then begin completing the actions required to achieve the vision. The faster you do this the faster you’ll achieve that dream.

I work with people who have real estate vision, pharmaceutical vision, medical device vision, economic vision, political vision, family vision, legal vision, spiritual vision, and consumer products vision. These people help me to envision my life, my future, my business, and who I hope to become. They are my friends, my family, my church, my business associates, and my brain trust.

Visions and dreams often come to fruition if we recognize them and then press forward in the faith and work that is required. Success and happiness are not free, but they are worth the price. Nobody reaches their full potential by accident. Maximizing potential is the result of vision, faith, commitment, planning, and hard work.

To get to the finish line even faster recruit a talented team and share your vision with them. Some dreams require a team, they may be too big to complete on your own. When you add people you add brain power, talent, vision, and man hours that will compliment your abilities and add strength. Build a great team, motivate them properly, share your vision, and make it happen. Remind the team again and again of the vision. Vision motivates people towards break through performance.

I’m sixty years old and still have dreams. I hope I always do. Life without dreams is life without hope. You can harvest a big result if you’ll plant the dream, develop the plan, feed the plan with work, weed out the doubts, overcome the obstacles, and commit to be patient enough to endure in the work until harvest time.

It is smart to get others to help you to reach your dream. Develop a dream team, a team to help you accomplish your dream. Remember also that whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve with the help of God. Work as if it all depends on you and pray as if it all depends on God (See: Matt. 19:26). Proceed with faith.


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