Vice Mayor Laura Pastor Praises Another Perfect Score for Phoenix on the Municipal Equality Index

City of Phoenix AZ“Phoenix’s 5th straight perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index is truly a cause for celebration, because this City continues to celebrate and elevate our diverse and dynamic community. Once again, we have demonstrated that any discrimination against a single person or group is intolerable and inexcusable, and we are working hard every day to make sure that such bias has no place here, permanently.

In Phoenix, we take great pride in our bright and colorful history, heritage, and culture – this City wasn’t built by a singular people, and it will only continue to grow with the help of many, from all backgrounds and beliefs. The inclusion and acceptance of everyone, regardless of origin, faith, or orientation; makes our City the wonderful place it is to live, work, play, learn, and thrive that it is and becoming known for.

As a lifelong Phoenician, I am honored that this City is being recognized for what I have always known: that we value all of our brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters equally; and that we are only as strong as we are respectful to one another. Only together will we rise, and I am excited at the opportunity to continue celebrating the vivid mix which makes us shine.”

— Phoenix Vice Mayor Laura Pastor

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