Vice Mayor Kate Gallego Celebrates End of Monsoon, Highlights Progress on Flood Mitigation Infrastructure and Storm Readiness

City of Phoenix ArizonaWith the 2016 monsoon officially over, Vice Mayor Kate Gallego is celebrating achievements and milestones in emergency management efforts and flood mitigation infrastructure projects throughout the city over the past year. The city of Phoenix and Resilience PHX also are teaming up to offer training on Oct. 25 on preparing for weather-related hazards and emergencies.

“This year’s monsoon was a reminder that heavy, flooding rains can strike anywhere in the city,” Vice Mayor Gallego said. “I’m encouraged that several projects at or near completion continue to add to our stormwater management capacity citywide including some previously hard-hit areas in the South Mountain and Laveen communities. I also encourage residents to consider the weather readiness training on Oct. 25, which we’re proud to host in District 8, to prepare for future emergencies.”
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The City of Phoenix and Resilience PHX is working closely with Mountain Park Health Center to host a community resilience scenario-based training. Its aim is to enhance community cohesion in low-income communities and facilitate networking as well as teach best practices for responding to Phoenix’s unique weather challenges. It will be held at Mountain Park Health Center Gateway Campus, 3830 E. Van Buren at 6 p.m. on Oct. 25.  Residents can RSVP to this training by e-mailing Nicholas Roosevelt at [email protected]. This training is part of the City’s Resilience AmeriCorps program funded by Cities of Service.

In May, the Office of Emergency Management hosted Monsoon Preparedness Day, the second annual event designed to update city departments and stakeholders on city procedures for handling upcoming monsoon events. The half-day event brought together external partners like APS and SRP as well as the National Weather Service to discuss response capabilities during a monsoon event.

A number of crucial departments attended Monsoon Preparedness Day, including Streets, Parks, and Public Works. The Preparedness Day also brought together nonprofit partners that the city can engage in the aftermath of a monsoon event. Finally, Preparedness Day allowed the Office of Emergency Management to showcase new and innovative ways the city is communicating with internal departments and external stakeholders quickly and accurately.

The Streets Department completed approximately 500 storm-related work requests in District 8 during the 2016 monsoon to clean out catch basins, remove debris, repair deteriorated asphalt and address minor street flooding. There also was progress throughout the year to date on street-related flood mitigation projects.

Listed below are several stormwater management projects that were completed over the past year, both citywide and in District 8:

·         Calle Redonda Flood Mitigation
Street Transportation Department staff worked with the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and Salt River Project to develop and execute this drainage improvement project along Calle Redonda. The project scope includes construction of a storm drain along an alley between two properties (5253 and 5307 East Calle Redonda) to capture storm water from Calle Redonda and discharge into the Arizona Canal. This project was completed April 2016.

·         First Street Storm Drain
The city has recently completed the construction of this storm drain to mitigate flooding at the intersection of First Street and Buchanan Street. The storm drain connects existing dry wells on First and Buchanan streets to an existing storm drain along Lincoln Street. Additional catch basins have been constructed along First Street to capture storm water flows. The flood mitigation project was completed during the month of July, 2016.

·         Floodplain Management Plan Update
This year the Phoenix Street Transportation Department updated the Floodplain Management Plan and the Phoenix City Council adopted it this past summer. A floodplain management plan is an overall strategy of programs, projects and measures aimed at reducing the adverse impacts of flood hazards on the community. This plan identifies flood risks, their impact on the community, and a prioritized action plan for reducing flood risks. Floodplain management plans are utilized in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for participation within the National Flood Insurance Program. The NFIP requires the city to review this plan annually. The city of Phoenix is currently recognized as a Class 6 Community within the NFIP Community Rating System. This rating allows property owners to receive a 20 percent premium reduction in flood insurance rates for properties located within a Special Flood Hazard Area. For properties located outside of a FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Area, residents currently benefit from a 10 percent reduction in insurance premiums.
Listed below are several District 8 stormwater management projects near completion in the South Mountain and Laveen areas:

·         27th Avenue and South Mountain Avenue Detention Basin
The basin will provide holding capacity for excess stormwater to allow adjacent receiving channels time to drain and prevent overflows and will serve as the outfall for proposed future storm drain systems and marks a significant first step toward the implementation of a larger flood control system. The basin is on schedule to be completed by late November.
·         The installation of a storm drain pipe near the intersection of Third Avenue and Dobbins Road is in progress. This project also entails installing catch basins and constructing a drainage swale to relieve flooding in the area of 3rd Avenue from Dobbins Road to South Mountain Avenue. This project is anticipated to be completed in late fall 2016.
·        The installation of an inlet catch basin and grate near the detention basin on the east side of 35th Avenue south of Baseline Road is also ongoing to provide drainage relief in the area of 35th Avenue from Ian Drive to Baseline Road. This project is anticipated to be completed in late fall 2016.
·         16th Place and Violet Drive Storm Drain
The scope of work for this project includes new storm drains, catch basins and grading for a drainage swale to relieve flooding in the area. The anticipated completion date for this project is November 2016.

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