Vehicle Analytics Market Registering a Strong Growth by 2025

Transportation businesses have been crucial to the growth of economies and efficient transportation and related road and automobile infrastructural developments been a hotbed for innovation for long now. While transportation services have innovated in the recent years, they have spread far and wide with availability of road infrastructure giving rise to problems of connectivity and lack of real time updates for the provider.

Vehicle Analytics is the study of vehicle behavior and characteristics via inputs from sensors affixed on-board vehicle, allowing users to have a better control of the vehicle and the fleet as a whole by identifying suspicious behavior and identifying the vehicle health to avoid breakdowns.

Vehicle Analytics can also help users gain insight on vehicle health and driving habits. Granular level analysis of vehicle behavior and driver behavior in real time is useful to numerous industry players such as automobile manufacturers, insurance providers and car dealerships and vehicle analytics solutions are thus being developed by numerous providers currently.

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Numerous companies including Google, Uber and Tesla are working on Autonomous cars which will use countless data points to eliminate human effort in the task of driving. These cars while still in research phase will be a prominent user of Vehicle Analytics.

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Vehicle Analytics will also gain considerably from the developments underway in IoT and Smart Cities as Vehicle Analytics platforms will have more data to generate insights from in conjunction with the surrounding environment that can interact better with a car. However, Automobile industry has gone through remarkable changes in the recent decade and cars have improved in a lot of areas making them more durable than ever. This is impeding the growth sale of new vehicles in turn resulting in lower addressable market for Vehicle Analytics platforms.