Utah Mandatory Vaxx Law – Action Needed Now!

Dear friends:

This may be the most urgent thing I’ve ever written you about. Rep. Robert Spendlove of Sandy, Utah, has proposed a bill allowing private Utah employers to force their employees to be vaccinated!

Please sign this letter that sends your OPPOSITION to this bill to YOUR Representative and Senator.

And also, please copy this link and take the time, right now, to TEXT it and send it in FB MESSENGER and also in EMAIL to every Utahn you know, who wants to retain their medical freedom!


The bill as KUER describes it (we are currently locked out of proposed bills in the legislature’s website, so we cannot review it) violates or seeks to change existing Utah law that ALREADY protects you from forced genetic testing, and medical treatment (such as vaccines).

Please write YOUR representative and senator, by sending this letter. We’ve made it easy for you, so that you don’t even have to write the letter. Just put your address in, and the software identifies YOUR representative and senator, and sends the letter.

(I had lunch with my own Senator in September, and he told me had gotten over 1,000 letters from his constituents, from Take Action for Freedom one-click campaigns! THEY ARE LISTENING.)

Stay tuned, because after we get as many Utahns as possible to send this — in a few days, I will ALSO send you Rep Spendlove’s contact information so you can share with him in a more personal way how you feel about his trying to re-write the Utah code to allow hundreds of thousands of Utah private employers to force a jab on you, or lose your job.

To your freedom!

Robyn Openshaw
Take Action for Freedom

P.S. Please don’t wait on this one. Grab this link and get everyone you know to send the letter:


Let’s make sure that we have BIG NUMBERS standing up for our medical freedom and our children’s!