US Breast Implant Market Study by Product, Technology and Application with Forecast to 2025

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US Breast Implant Market Size, Trends & Forecast 2025″ Report Highlights:

  • US Breast Implant Market Opportunity: > US$ 1 Billion by 2025
  • US Share in Global Breast Implant Market: > 30%
  • Number of Breast Implantation Procedures in US: > 300,000
  • Share of Silicone vs. Saline Implant: Saline Share > 85%

In US, the first breast implant made with silicone envelopes and filled with silicone gel or saline were sold in the 1960s. Since then, the increasing desire of looking good and fit has resulted in higher demands for breast implant procedures.

The growth in the breast implant business since 1960s is highly maintained due to the growing trend of breast implantation to maintain the body proportion.

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Advancements in the technology and improvements in the design of breast implants have escalated the increasing demand for the product in US.

The US breast implant market trends are opposite to the global trends as smooth implants are more common in US as compared to textured implants at global level. Also, Silicone breast Implants are the most commonly used breast Implants in comparison to saline implants.

The women in US are moving towards the breast implant procedures at very young age as compare to their global peers and most of them undergo revision breast augmentation also. This continuous process of revision augmentation has ensured the consistent growth of breast implant market in US over a period of time and will continue in future.

In 2018, the market of breast implant market in US was valued around US$ 800 Million. It is expected that the market for breast implants will grow at more than 10% CAGR during 2019-2025. The biggest reason for the growth of breast implantation market in US is the availability of two biggest breast implant manufacturers- Mentor Worldwide and Allergan.

It is estimated that the women aged 19-34 had the largest share of breast implantation i.e. 48.5% in US in the year 2018. In year 2018, more than 300,000 procedures of breast augmentation were performed which grew by more than 6% in absolute terms.

Prevalence of breast cancer is another big reason for the breast implantation in females. The growing cases of breast cancer have positively influenced the US breast implant market. The desire for women to look attractive results in an increased number of women opting for the procedures that will improve their breast size and shape. Reduction in the problems of working of wrinkling and rippling due to technological development stimulates the rising number of breast transplants.

Awareness towards breast implantation has increased the lucrative market growth potential and is expected to improve in the future years. The perception of people towards the cosmetic surgery has reformed the adoption rate of breast implants.

Breast implantation also offers benefits such as better psychological and sexual well-being. It enhances the quality of life and improved satisfaction with breast appearance. All these factors are given credits for the significant growth of US breast implant market.

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