Urban Fishing

A new fishing style that I recently experienced myself is emerging. We all think about fishing small mountain streams and small undiscovered lakes as being the great fishing experience. A small group of anglers in Logan Utah has their rods aimed a different direction, CITY FISH! Yeah that’s the aim of these anglers. Most towns have some fresh fish filled streams that flow right through town. These waters can hold some amazing and slightly unique fish as well as a much different scenery. Our adventure went like this:
We grabbed our spinning rods as these were aggressive brown trout we were targeting. We drove around trying to find a good river access spot then parked at the riverside old folks home. With rods in hand we passed a few curious residents and approached the river. At the bank we spotted a few fish, at least for a second, they scattered like a teenage drinking party when the cops show up. The water was low and clear in this case. We jumped in the river and started upstream. We soon noticed the only chance at catching a fish was to cast way upstream before we spooked them. This was requiring some crazy casts over logs and under low hanging branches. The first time I ever saw my buddy Marlon Wilson of Fish or Starve, skip a lure three times on the water accessing a nice deep dark fishing hole. Bam, he hooked up a rowdy little brown trout. It was on! We knew two things, first these fish were aggressive and two they were easily spooked.
As we worked our way further up the river the scenery was amazing, big broken up chunks of concrete, old rusted pipes and some graffiti art. The water running was backed by sirens, traffic, and city hussle. These fish were different as well, long slender bodied with large fins and heads. They honestly had bigger teeth and they were kinda staggered. These were city fish! The trip took us about all of an hour when we approached our exit location, the city’s fanciest new grade A offices. Our adventure left us covered in cobwebs and completely drenched. We knew a few of the business professionals who worked here so we entered the building sloshing in our old tennis shoes and proudly carried our rods emerging victoriously from our urban fishing adventure. We only wanted a ride back to the truck across town. Yeah that must have been a scene.
Go ahead and do some back alley fishing, besides not knowing if your going to run accross a dead body or some gang bangers, the thrill of some crazy fish will keep you wanting more Urban Fishing!


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