Update: City Hall shelter temporary closure

City Hall shelter, which is operated by the Salvation Army and located inside City Hall on the lobby and lower level floors, is closed through Sunday, June 7. The closure is due to damage sustained over the weekend that makes the space unsuitable as an overnight shelter for people experiencing homelessness. City Hall shelter typically hosted 70 to 80 people on a nightly basis. The shelter had not opened for the evening when the building was damaged and has remained closed since Saturday night.  

People seeking shelter have and continue to be encouraged to head to Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center (305 Harrison St., Seattle). Fisher Pavilion, which is being used as a de-intensifying shelter space operated by Salvation Army, has capacity for people over the age of 18 and serves all genders. If Fisher Pavilion is at capacity and unable to accommodate people in need, Exhibition Hall de-intensifying shelter  (301 Mercer St., Seattle) can take additional people in. Salvation Army will refer people from Fisher Pavilion to Exhibition Hall, which is operated by DESC. No one seeking shelter will be turned away.  

Since the closure over the weekend, Salvation Army and DESC have been able to shelter all who arrived at these shelters that were displaced from City Hall. Service providers believe about 50 clients that were staying at City Hall at the time of the closure are now staying at Fisher Pavilion and Exhibition Hall.  

These shelter resources have been made available as part of the City’s efforts to de-intensify Seattle’s high-capacity shelters. By opening these spaces, shelter clients have more room to socially distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, all de-intensifying shelters—including Fisher Pavilion and Exhibition Hall—offer enhanced services by operating 24/7, providing hygiene access, and meals throughout the day.  

Salvation Army has access to additional shelter spaces and can transport individuals to these overflow shelters when needed.